Happy Happy Friday!

The first Friday of August is here. This month is always bittersweet since it’s one of my favorite months *our wedding anniversary* and it also goes by in a flash and ends summer. I am one of the few people who adore summer weather. I suppose the fond memories of summer camp and the beach always feels warm and happy in my mind.

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We had a mini pool party last weekend at Carlos & Stephanie’s house. We had a delish BBQ salmon feast.

*Sophie Bloom is due this month!*

Photographer – Jesse Tenorio

So to continue making fond summer memories, Liv and I had a lunch date at the Highland Cafe, a short walk from home. It so happens that a crew was filming a Best Buy commercial on York. York Avenue is certainly a hot spot in HP. We were lucky to miss the busy lunch crowd and snagged a perfect table to people watch and take in the scenery. I had heard wonderful things about Highland Cafe’s breakfast menu but my Cobb salad was fantastic. Liv munched on a few fries and sipped on chocolate milk. What blew my skirt up *besides the super friendly staff and the adorable decor* was my peppermint lemonade. Majorly yum!

really, really love this bookstore/curio shop

These are the stools I hope to own one day!
Liv found the Calveras-faced woman captivating
Photo by Olivia
Now to find Wild Poppy in bulk

Liv does this Japanese anime thing where she covers her mouth when she laughs
It’s nice to have a local place to get a huge salad

The fries were quickly abandoned in favor of iPad

 So now we’re home and Liv is napping and my countdown to the end of summer has begun. This summer feels more significant than others since Liv is starting school in September. This is enormous for me. Our daughter *who is growing like a weed, a lovely weed* is going to school. She’ll make new friends, she’ll learn new things, sing songs, dance, go completely diaper-less and blossom her personality. As a parent, I am filled with pride, joy and anxiety. How will I protect her from the assholes in the world? How will I handle her first mean girl encounter? What happens when she begins to question why Mommy doesn’t work or compares me to other Moms. I wish I had the open mind of a child. Adults are full of fear, insecurity, judgement and we indirectly project that to our children with every comment we idly make. It’s such a transition for me from going from holding and nursing this child everyday for almost 2 years to now watching her run away from me at the park. She happily yells “Goodbye Mom!” when I drop her off at her Grandma’s. Olivia is totally comfortable in her independence and what scares me is she’s so much like me. I went from being attached to my Mom at the hip to distancing myself as a rebellious teen. I only now understand how hurtful that period must have been for my Mom and I tell her all the time how much I understand her and love her immensely. I want Liv to be confident. I want Liv to stand strong on her own and continue her fearless attitude, I guess it’s the world I don’t trust, not her.

So this month isn’t as crammed as the last 2 were. Antz and I are trying to be more spontaneous and not have every activity scheduled. We have a few parties we are going to, a few movies we hope to see *Savages and Dark Night Rises* and we’ll eventually finish the remainder of my Summer Bucket List. I love when he comes home early and we just take a family walk and try a new restaurant for dinner and then grab some ice cream. Maybe we’ll do that tonight…?

Check out Aimee & Liv hanging out in her tent yesterday.

I love my BFF!

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