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We were sophisticated Mallrats today. Liv racked up some rad new clothes and shoes while I scored new bras *okay, I know they aren’t that pretty but they are mega comfortable and after 22 months of itchy granny-style nursing bras, it’s a big upgrade for me* thanks to Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale. Hurry, sale ends Monday!!

Family photo time!
I seem to always get a  boob shot when I use my camera remote. At least you can see the close up of my adorbs cameo from the Renegade Craft Fair

I was on a mission to get these kitty ballet flats for Liv, however I ended up with a Goldilocks situation, one pair was was big and one pair was too small and they couldn’t find the just right size. We went with the larger ones, I’m sure her feet will grow in a week. Wish they had them in my size *sads*

We stopped by Sephora so I could test and smell everything in the store while Antz wrangled Olivia. I tried on NARS lipstick in Schiap but it looks identical to the pink lipstick I already own by Makeup Forever.

It’s supposed to look like this!!

ADORE this lipstick
Obvie, my skin isn’t alabaster enough for the neon pink to pop

What a bunch of croc! Liv needed a pair for getting dirty in the backyard garden. She was always getting her Yo Gabba Gabba Vans filthy so now we all have a pair.

Now it’s Olympics time. I’m loving the trampoline and track & field events. I want to try shot put, the spinning looks super fun!

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