May the Force be with you!

Today we are going to a Star Wars birthday party. We watched The Empire Strikes Back with Liv to get her familiar with the characters. She liked R2-D2 & C3PO the most. She called them robots, I couldn’t get her to say androids. She could take or leave the rest of the crew but she was digging Chewy *who doesn’t love Chewy*. I’m really excited about how rad the birthday girl, Aiyana’s present turned out.

The card plays the Star Wars theme, Liv picked the Yoda marshmallow
Of course my genius hubby made the C3PO bag

You have no idea how hard it was to keep that marshmallow Yoda from Liv. I’ll upload photos from the party tonight. We are actually going to another party later this evening that is Hawaiian themed so I’ll have to dust off my coconut bikini. I also would like to make it to the NELA art walk tonight. I hope the new comic book store Thank You will be open. Can’t wait for Scoops to open too!

So next Saturday is our big 10 year anniversary *I know, I won’t shut up about it* well, now I am really going to shut up about it. Antz and I made plans but I’m keeping quiet about them until the day. Let me say I am ridiculously excited! I wish I could share more but for now this is my only teaser.

Not much has been going on, Liv has been super awesome at school. She really has matured and listens to her teacher so well now. We are glad we enrolled her in this class so she can seamlessly transition into pre-school next month. So far she’s only had one accident at school *she doesn’t wear pull-ups to school* I feel pretty confident that she’ll be fine going completely diaper-less in September. YAY!

Crawling through hoops
Liv certainly takes after her Dad in the artsy department. She LOVES to paint!
She discovered this baby strawberry in the organic garden. We visit it everyday but sadly last Wednesday someone picked it.
Shouldn’t every school have a teepee? I want one! You know what I love? The school has artificial grass. GENIUS! I have a weird phobia about laying in real grass, bugs and itchy. The fake grass is perfect with no messy grass stains.
Painting a magnet for the fridge

Oh! I know this is random but check out what I scored at Target yesterday.

Orla Kiely for Method

I was positive they would be sold out but I got 2 hand soaps and a cleaning spray. Aren’t they cute?? Speaking of cute…

Have any fun weekend plans?

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