National Best Friend’s Day

I am certainly a lucky girl, not only did I score an amazing husband and rad daughter, but I also get the cherry on top with the awesomest BFF ever. I have to let you know, this lady is MAGNIFICENT! My bestie has been there through good times and sucky ones. She is the Ethel to my Lucy, she always believes in me, even when I’m in doubt. This lady has been a part of my family for the last 15 years of my life and I wouldn’t be the person I am without her. She is my cheerleader, my therapist, my stylist, my court jester, my daughter’s Godmommy and my sister. I love her so much but I appreciate her even more. I can’t wait to rock matching outfits and get weekly pedicures in our old age when we try to still be cool and hip. I got yo back forevah, gurl!!

Love you forever Aimee!!

The best trip of our lives, seeing Björk in Paris
Seriously, she is the only person I’d drive all night to Vegas for just to hang out for 4 hours!!
My lovely
Real old school here!

Our idols!!

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