First day of school

There were no tears, we were all happy happy and smiling! My biggest fear was over sleeping but my alarm went off at 7 and I sprung out of bed. I had butterflies in my stomach with anticipation, you would think it was MY first day of school. Liv was incredibly cooperative. I took 421 photos *did I take enough?* Traffic was pretty crazy but not too bad, we left the house at 8 and got there at 8:25. We met an awesome kid named Olivier and his dad *sorry, I can’t remember his name* He has been going there for 3 years so his dad told him to look after Olivia and show her the ropes. Antz and I were strong, I told her “Mommy will be back to pick you up“, gave her a high five and turned around and left without looking back. I’m sure she ran to the swings and didn’t give us a second thought. Her teachers are amazing. I feel like we left her in great hands and she’ll have a fun day. Aimee is coming over and we’re going to have our first one on one lunch date since Liv was born. We’re picking her up together. I cannot believe how major this was. She was just born, like yesterday!!

“I’m ready to go to school!”

Saying hello to the fish in the sign in lobby
Her cubby, Keroppi looks happy in his new home
Liv is a rad Purple Dragon
Her class’s fridge
Away she goes!

This girl loves to swing

Checking on the garden
Liv’s berries were missing. She’ll get to plant more in organic gardening class.

They play a drum when it’s time to line up
Saying Goodbye

You make us so proud to be your Mom & Dad. Have a fun day!

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  1. Does in your country children go to school so early? For me, in Poland two years old children go to nursery school, 3 years old to kindergarten and 6-7 year olds to school
    Your daughter is really pretty:)

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