Tomorrow is the Big Day!

I went to Target today to finish my back-to-school shop-aganza. Normally I spend about $100 – $125 monthly for our household stuff. I’m no longer buying $25 packs of diapers and A&D ointment, so there’s some savings. I’m a VIP shopper at Target *in my mind* so I am send coupons each month that I try to use before they expire. Today I had so much stuff I needed to use 2 carts! I spent $165 *that’s with $11 in coupons and 5% discount for using my Target Visa* and I didn’t even get our normal household junk. I stocked up on juice, fruit snacks and items for Liv’s earthquake kit. I didn’t find any cheap shoes *I was nauseated when I walked in the kid’s shoe aisle, they only have pink sequin and glitter shoes and I don’t think that would work in an emergency. So she’ll be rocking her black Converse until she grows out of them *I give it a month*. The big project is labeling everything.

We bought iron-on paper, which is working out pretty well, except her backpack, lunch bag and thermos which isn’t working. I don’t want to use a Sharpie on her nice, new stuff, so I’m going to attempt to make felt labels and stickers for the plastic things. I also have to label all her shoes but dude, what if I wanted to resale her shoes in the future? Lame! I have to figure out how to label them temporarily *I’m thinking of sewing a label on the tongue that I can cut off later* I don’t think it’s registered with Liv that we won’t be staying with her tomorrow. She is all about going to school but I am concerned about her potty-time. You see, she takes her underwear off along with every stitch of clothing when she goes potty. I really hope my kid doesn’t give everyone a show tomorrow. She also hasn’t mastered wiping herself yet. She’s good on #1 but needs assistance for #2. I really wish there was a camera in the classroom so I could spy on her. My friend Story sends her dog to doggycare and she watches what she does on a camera *which is typically jumping in the dog pool* Lunch is all ready to go…PB&J, veggie chips, raw almonds, fresh blackberries, Babybel cheese and V8 fruit juice.

“Olivia, Happy Happy 1st day of school. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you. Meet new friends and be polite. Enjoy your yummy lunch. Kisses, Mummy & Daddy”

So now I’m crybaby. I have her 1st day outfit all ready so I hope it doesn’t rain. Nightys!


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