What’s Cookin’?

Today I’m putting on my chef’s hat and I’m actually cooking dinner for my family. It’s such a rare occasion, last time was Valentine’s Day! I was too tempted by this easy peasy recipe I found on Pinterest.

Baked Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken
Baked Garlic Chicken

Now that our grill has conked out, we are using our oven more. With 4 ingredients and 30 minutes cooking time total even I can’t mess this up.

Sautéing the sauce

Uh-oh! Spoke too soon. I needed 3 garlic cloves and I had 3 bottles *because everytime I go to the store I am positive we are out* of minced garlic so I hope that didn’t ruin things. I also have no idea how to “sauté” I basically pushed the olive oil and minced garlic around for a minute then poured it on top of the chicken.

So it’s 20 minutes later and the chicken is cooked. Listen folks, this may be elemantary cooking for the average person but I had to look online for a recipe to cook rice! Here’s how were looking now.

The sauce is quite runny but the meat is cooking all the way through

Antz just came home and said the house smells like apple pie so that’s a good sign. I made some butternut squash with cinamin and olive oil for Liv and some Hawaiian bread rolls. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s as yummy as it smells!

Well, verdict is in, Antz loved it! The rice was a little hard *leave it up to me to mess up rice!* The chicken was tender and the sauce had a nice flavor. Liv loves her squash as always. I just may be cooking more recipes from my Pinterest.


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