The Day Has Come

After 3 iphones, I finally have a brand new iphone 5 in white. I got an email at 6pm this evening saying my phone was ready for pick up from *Not the* Best Buy. YAY! in sarcastic enthusiasm. I suppose the 2 week wait wasn’t so bad, considering I talked them into gifting me with a protective shield for my screen *to save from my peanut butter fingers Liv* I also got a lovely case with flowers on it. I want to call them peonies but I am pretty sure they are something else.

Every time I hold it, I take a deep breath and pray I won’t drop it. It took me about 10 seconds to drop my last phone, literally on the brick stairs in front of my house. Mayhaps I have become adult enough to have a fully functioning phone for more than a month? Antz and I played around with Siri, she wasn’t having any our Tomfoolery.

Liz: “Siri, does my breath smell?”
Siri: “Do you want me to search the internet for does my breath stank?”

No Siri, just tell me, and I said smell, not stank! I tried using a Siri with a British accent but it turns out to be a dude with a very slow, robotic voice, so we’re sticking with American Siri, despite her attitude. She did successfully add a Facebook post and scheduled an event on my calendar, so rad!

Last week I totally forgot to post Liv’s school emsemble. Remember this cardigan from Anthro from the kids Christmas 2010 line?

Liv was 6 months old when we took this at the Long Beach Aqaurium

Well, even though it’s a size 12 months, she can still fit that guy!! By the way, she is 100% styled by her Dad. He does her morning hair and wardrobe.

Oh man, someone’s got a shiny face, but how can this be? She has the height of a 4 year old yet she can still wear clothes in size 6 – 12 months. Weird but rad for her wardrobe. She can still wear all her old dresses as tunics. So far I’ve only replaced her jeans and shorts. I’ve got a long list of folks waiting for her hand-me-downs but it’s gonna be awhile. What her wardrobe needs the most is a belt! BabyGap has a silver/glittery plastic belt that me no likey. I haven’t found a normal black or brown leather belt at Target. I suppose Crewcuts may be my only option.

I am dying over their fall collection! Which look do I like for Olivia? ALL OF EM!! That pink bubble skirt and dotty leggings are on my favorite things list at the moment. Finally after waiting 2 years, Liv can now fit their clothes…and there goes all the money from my wallet! Can’t wait for my Black Friday 3am shopathon *from my bed*

So here she is telling me about her day at school today.

She’s telling me she got a sticker for reading and her teacher gave her a Robot *her fave* bandaid when she fell and scraped her knee.  I am so excited for Liv’s first Halloween at school.

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