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Sooo frustrated! Apart from being fully blown sickers, I am so ready to throw in the towel. My blog is grossing me out lately. I am over the color palette and awkward formatting. I want a more streamlined layout *I have so much info on the home page, I look schizophrenic* I would like cute little buttons for links to my pinterest, etsy, twitter & instragram. I would like a clickable about me page with a decent looking photo of me that is at least from this year. I am boycotting my own blog. I don’t feel motivated to blog lately, maybe it’s the constant snot flowing from my nose or using all my energy to not scratch my itchy, red, dry eyes out. I am a poster child for Nyquil, which I’m sure I’ve OD-ed on *Liv lost the little cup so I just swigged it like a wino* I am certain attending Blogshop and hiring a programmer to code this mess is the cure to my blog blues but both solutions are quite pricey. Well, I’m sure you are over my pity party cause I’m over this tissue I’ve had stuffed in my nostrils for the last 20 minutes *AHHH-CHOO!!*

I drugged myself up with Dayquil and convinced my nose to function for 3 hours so we could attend Terry, Morgan & Kieran’s new baby boy shower. Terry has got to be the cutest preggo lady ever.

I love how I look waay more preggers than she does *PS I’m so not pregnant!*

She has mastered taking care of a toddler, keeping her house looking like an HGTV after makeover reveal, all while working full-time. She rocks! I am bummed I forgot to take a photo of their rad nursery. I’m looking forward to Liv being a “big sister” to their baby boy in December. Kieran is currently the only boy in her life, I try to get her interested in playing with a more mixed gender at school but so far she’s running in a tight clique with Luna, and twins, Marlowe & Josephine *rad names right?* Liv got to play with a ton of kids of all ages today. I won the finish the nursery rhyme lyric thanks to Antz helping me out with Little Boy Blue. I begged Liv and Kieran to stand still long enough to get a photo of them together to go in the cute mini frame I won, but they wouldn’t be bribed. This was the closest I got. It’s like trying to photograph Bigfoot when your dealing with toddlers, all they do is toddle 24/7.

Liv was trying on some of Kieran’s jewelry
Olivia kept telling us “I love to party!” Umm, no spring break for you, Missy!
The kids had a ball stacking and then attacking these cardboard boxes, it was like they were playing Godzilla.
Big Brother
The cake was fantastic

We had a fun time, I met their neighbors who were really nice and friendly *so unlike my assholes across the street.* I really wanted to stop by the NELA art walk tonight but my body quit me. I can’t stand being sick. It happens so rarely that I forget how much it sucks yet no matter how close I get to death’s door this Monday I’ll be going on a “mystery date” with Antz. Mum’s the word!!

P.S. Friday night I was able to see the Endeavour shuttle on it’s route to the California Science Center. My iphone died so I had to use my old phone so this was the only photo I got. It was banaynays, at least 5,000 people were there taking pictures. It was moving 2 miles per hour, so it looked like it wasn’t even moving. That guy is really beat up looking.

Endeavour shuttle passing Randy’s donuts on October 12, 2012.

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