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A Dream is a wish your heart makes

If you have come into contact with me for the past two years then you may already know my life dream is to move to France for a year. I think I have told our mailman, everyone at Liv’s French school and even total strangers who humor me with a smile while I crazily go on and on… Continue reading A Dream is a wish your heart makes

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Guns, I’m just saying.

Liv doing her homework which is singing in French, j’adore! Have you ever tried to hold in barf? I have, and despite me holding my lips shut and trying to run to the bathroom in time, it came up (re-routing out of my nose!) I know this is a graphic image but I watched the… Continue reading Guns, I’m just saying.

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Bonne Année 2016!

Bonjour new year! I am so stoked for 2016 mostly because my life has a weird pattern of incredible years being even-numbered (Antz and I met in 1996, got engaged in 2000, got married in 2002, bought our house in 2006, had Liv in 2010) As crazy as it sounds, it’s been a trend that my best years… Continue reading Bonne Année 2016!

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Less Plastic, more experiences!

This post is a good follow up to Liv’s bedroom makeover since that was a result of my new mind-set after having an epiphany from reading the (seriously) Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I love to shop; from finding the perfect item, to getting best online bargain and that high from discovering packages on my porch. Olivia definitely has gotten… Continue reading Less Plastic, more experiences!

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I’m Back!

Hi There! Honestly, it has been a rough summer for me. I couldn’t bring myself to blog because it’s hard to share when life gets shitty. I have wanted to post so many lovely events since Olivia’s birthday party (how great are those photos?) but my disappointment has been a dark cloud following me. Let… Continue reading I’m Back!

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Lizzie’s Guide to Choosing an AirBnb rental in Paris

I’m going to give you the rundown on how I go about choosing an Airbnb rental in Paris. well, almost… My first experience using Airbnb was last summer. I like how easy their website is to navigate and there is a wide selection of rentals. They have accurate photographs and honest reviews. I was able… Continue reading Lizzie’s Guide to Choosing an AirBnb rental in Paris

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Liv for Geronimo Balloons

Two years ago Anthony bought a lovely Geronimo balloon for my 36th birthday. While we were at her studio, Jihan asked to take some photos of Liv. Jennifer Young was the incredible photographer who shot Liv. Yesterday Antz and I cleaned out Liv’s closet and got rid of stuff that no longer fit but I… Continue reading Liv for Geronimo Balloons