Winter Solstice 2012

Today was wonderful! The craft stations ran smoothly and the most popular was the build-a-Buddy. I made 4 of them. Antz and Liv came later and despite her grumpy mood, we rode the train, played games, took a photo with Santa. Some of my friends showed up but I didn’t have a chance to chat with everyone but I had the best time. I had one of the yummiest bacon & egg sandwich ever. Here’s the photos!

Hello, my name is grumpy face, I will not smile not matter how many times you ask me!

I got so much of this “snow” up my nose, but it was rad

Just prior to the maylay! There must have been thousands of people
The gingerbread station stayed busy
Bummed out I missed the wine toss
Me & lovely Renae. She owns the school and she is quite rad!
I really wish I remembered to bid on this Shepard Fairey print
This is Olivia’s amazing teacher, Miss Ana, her hubby and her adorable baby Abe
This is Liv’s other teacher, Miss Karly, she is incredible. My favorite thing about her school is the staff, they challenge Olivia and help her feel comfortable around everyone. I want to hug both her teachers, all the time!
Mommy at work. This little girl chose the same body of the head so I obliged.
The mixed heads and bodies turned out cool. Mutant Zebra-deer
Getting some glittery ink
Playing dragon in the cardboard castle
It was extremely difficult to not spazz out over Tony Kanal *maybe you’ve heard of a little local band called No Doubt*, I played it cool as cucumber
My friend Joice and her sweet bebe Sunna
Papa Hlynur and Sunna
Kaia Bug & Liv
I know what makes grump-face happy

Thanks to my peeps who came out to support our school.

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