Not That Kind of Girl

I cannot wait to read this 66 page book by Girls neophyte Lena Dunham. She may be getting tons of haters but I get her. Have you seen Tiny Furniture? It’s on instant Netflix. Also follow her on Instagram, you’ll feel like you’ve made a new friend.

Will you believe me when I tell you how tired I am from a busy, productive and fun day I’ve had? Ikea was a success, we got Liv’s kitchen and accessories, we also met with a kitchen specialist, a lovely girl named Nicole, and created an online kitchen planner. We decided we must hire professionals to install everything except the backsplash. No matter how many HGTV shows I’ve claimed to have turned me into a professional carpenter, no one is buying it so we’ll pony up the *gulp* $800 bucks for installation. The good news is we found the perfect cabinets *perfect meaning affordable and nice to look at*. I just may get my farmhouse sink after all. We are getting our dishwasher from heaven and even some lovely open shelves for my cookbooks that have sadly been squeezed on our rolling cart, seldomly used.

We’re still on the fence about keeping the rolling cart or replacing it

It’s been years since I’ve been excited about a trip to Ikea but those Swedes have won me back. Now I need to find someone awesome to refinish our hardwood floors.

We spent our afternoon preparing for tomorrow’s Winter Solstice. Moving boxes, setting up the craft tables and listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing Christmas songs was a delight. I am feeling like a part of Liv’s school’s family. Antz is Mr. Popular showcasing his artistic talents.  As leary as I was about the Build-a-buddy craft, these samples are pretty cool.

Turtle-dog, bunny-frog, Plex with Ernie’s body and elephant-Monkey

They aren’t as creepy as I envisioned when I was decapitating Plex and Ernie. Good Night! I’ve got an early morning tomorrow, I hope my poms are a hit.

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