Finn, our Angel

Today we met Finn, our friend’s Morgan & Terry’s new baby boy who was born on December 14th. I’m sure Finn is an angel sent to us to feel love and joy despite the horror in the world. I have been feeling much like everyone else, sickened and saddened from the elementary school shooting. I think what bothers me so much is, it’s not just a simple fix. Beefing up school security doesn’t really stop tragedies, disarming the crazies, institutionalizing them really doesn’t help either, so sadly it’s bound to happen again. We live in a violent world. Someone who wants to be immortalized by the media, they will hurt innocent people. It’s been happening for centuries and what is even more disturbing is we all know the name of the shooter and not the victims *Victoria Soto*. All I can do is hold Liv tight and cherish the time I have with her.

Here is the scrumptious Finian Everett, Liv’s new “baby brother”. Congrats you guys!!

Big Brother Kieran was at home with Grandma
Here’s my two handsome boys all dressed up for Christmas

I mentioned that Friday I got a package of new clothes from Misha Lulu and today we asked Liv to model them for us. I added the hot pink pom I bought Thursday with her dress. Mega cuteness!!

This is my favorite dress ever. It’s so simple but rad. I adore how it looks on Olivia.
I won a Misha Lulu giveaway and she got a whimsical jumper and a matching Sophie & Lili doll.

Liv named her Maggie but we call her Mags
Liv’s shoes are Livie & Luca

Karen gave us an Owl tee too. Thank you, it’s super adorable. Tuesday is Liv’s last day of school until next year. It’s also her school’s Holiday showcase so I’m excited to see her first performance. She’s been practicing Frosty the Snowman in her tiny voice. I hope to video it with the Flip *but that guy’s battery is always dead* Good night!

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