Christmas Card 2012

Hopefully by now almost everyone has received our Christmas card. We had so many possibilities for this year’s card photo.

This guy was a contender, taken at Liv’s school Winter Solstice, it would have been perfect if it weren’t for Liv’s sad face. 99% of kids aren’t happy sitting next to Santa so I understand.

Then there’s this one, taken at Grand Park with the amazing Christmas tree in the background. There’s two issues I have with this one. The weird underbite smile Liv is giving and my pudgy round makeup-less face. I am not happy with how jolly I’m looking here. Whoa, it’s time to start swimming again. Full disclaimer: I find it pointless to work out or diet during holiday season. Due to this stupid logic of mine, my Wii Fit trainer has informed me I’ve gained 8 pounds since September, YIKES!!
Finally, we were going to get dressed up, find a cool location, like a graffiti infested wall in downtown LA and have a photo shoot there but we procrastinated and last Thursday was our last opportunity to get the photo shoot done until Antz came up with this clever alternative.

I have always been a fan of this photo we took over the summer so Antz drew it and added a Christmas tree for this year’s rad Holiday card.
He changed his shirt to white but kept my ample hips, thanks! 

Haha, I love it! I would do a brick background every year. Brick walls are rad. Have you sent out your cards yet? I feel so late this year being that Christmas is one freaking week away. Whoops!
Maybe this will be next year’s photo?

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