Welcome 2013

I have my eye on the prize this year. No more setbacks, I’m staying focused and making my dreams turn into reality! These aren’t my resolutions, more like a go-to list of things I will accomplish over time.

Get Liv signed with a reputable talent agency

Even if I have to send her photos every month, I’m getting her an agent!

Buy this book *from reading this article*

Welcome to Your Child's Brain

Redesign my blog

Spring – Kitchen Remodel

We love the style of this kitchen and it has a similar layout to ours. I’m going to make a Roman shade like that one

Be more active

I’m pretty sure this was the last time I “worked out” in 2009!

Save money

*for my 30th birthday Antz gave me a $1000 bouquet*

Throw an amazing 3rd birthday for Liv *without blowing my budget*

Santa Monica carousel is out, too far, too expensive and too many issues. Scouting new possible venues this month.

Practice French more

I’ve surprisingly been memorizing more words using an app on my ipad

Get rid *donate, sell or trash* of 25% of my belongings

My closet is at maximum capacity. 2012 was the year of the cute bag. This year I’m going to step up my dress/skirt game.

Go to Paris in 2014

Paris great view on eifel tower

A Bientot!

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