Birthday Planning Part Two

I have had a busy week. I took Olivia to The Coop. This is the place we were going to have her 3rd birthday but we decided to take her to Disneyland instead. Antz thinks she should be at least 4 or 5 for her first real birthday party so she remembers it. I think we have had such a fun time on her birthday with just the 3 of us, we enjoy our family mini vacations. I’m really excited to finally check out Cars Land. We might stay at the Grand Californian and make a weekend of it, we’ll see. So, I really like The Coop but Liv, she LOVED IT! There was many tears shed when it was time to go.

She’s making sad face cause she didn’t want to take off her shoes
This is where they serve cake during birthday parties, CUTE!

Here’s a video on my vine. I love that dancefloor. There’s an outdoor patio with benches but I ran out of room on my iphone to take pictures. It’s the perfect place for a party. We just think this year isn’t best for our plans. I want to take her back to play soon because she was heartbroken when we had to leave. The Coop is only open for play during the week since weekends its closed for private birthday parties. 

So really exciting news happened yesterday. My BFF Aimee bought her new car!!!

Look at that enormous smile!

I am so happy happy and proud of her. She literally drove a rickshaw for years and this is her dream car. I love the minty green color, it’s really fun to ride in it *even though I’m a giant in her little car* Now I’m off the hook for driving on all our dates. Liv has a movie date with Godmommy next Thursday.

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