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I just realized that I take 99% of my photos on Instagram now. It’s hard not too, the filters are rad and it’s much easier to share my photos on my facebook and twitter. My favorite thing to do is see the photos from my fave Instagram folks I’m following *54 and growing*

Here are a few of my favorite Instagrammers in no particular order.


I briefly met her at the Renegade Craft Fair at her booth. She is an insanely awesome illustrator. You can read more about her awesomeness here.


Bonnie is the blog Goddess of photography. She works with all the top folks but following her on Instagram is a must if you love food. She makes every meal look like something found on Pinterest. Plus her daughter, Miss V, is adorable and has more followers than I do. *psst, follow me on Instagram!*


Boys pee pee when they see me T Shirt

This lady is EPIC!! I love everything about her! I have been coveting one of her ginormous, beautiful scarves for years now. Her photos are always a treat.


This is pretty much food porn. Everyday they introduce something fresh, savory and mouthwatering which makes me want to check out their Food Truck and their new tasting room, The Salon. I had the pleasure of tasting the Heirloom LA goodness myself at Oh Joy’s book signing event at West Elm. Had I known more about them at the time, I would have consumed more but I was too busy geeking out with all the blog stars.


Shoes, bags, jewels, celebrity closets that you would murder to have. It’s a girlie girls fantasy. My jaw drops at every photo! Fashion fetish.


Karen of Misha Lulu is one of my favorite kids clothes designers. Her dresses are rad. I wish I could buy every single item for Liv. I really love seeing her choices of fabric and her adorable daughter Bela is the perfect mascot for Misha Lulu. *does her dress look familiar?*


Holly is the epitome of all things pretty. She really inspires me to take better photos and make my house nicer. She’s currently living in Germany so I get to see shops and products from Europe. I adore Holly’s design aesthetic.

So who are your favorite Instagrammers? Here’s a few Instagram photos I took on our date night last Friday. Bon Vivant is starting to be one of my favorite restaurants.

We stopped by the KCRW Pop Up Gallery at Atwater Crossing
Mr. Lynch, I love this photo
This tasty drink was a Smashing Berry
Really tasty dinner
Posing in the bathroom mirror
Liv goes nuts when she finds street art. PS, I tried my best to get a shot of her new Converse. I love her gold wings.

 Enjoy your Sunday lovelies. We’ve got a major birthday party to attend!!

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