Happy Birthday Lizzie Part One

My 36th birthday was E P I C! I had so much fun and received so many lovely gifts and well wishes from my friends and family. Thank you isn’t enough to express my gratitude. I just may send individual thank you cards with $5 in them to everyone. Not really, but I am humbled by the overwhelming generosity. I began my day taking Liv to her school for class picture day. This is her first time taking photos with her class so we were really excited about it.

This kid grows more amazing everyday!
Springtime in our backyard makes me happy
I wanted to girl her up but keep it edgy too, and of course I had to add a signature Ban.do pom pom

Since there were so many kids, we hid in her classroom while they took the class picture so we wouldn’t distract her. We were cracking up watching the kids smile at the photographer’s stuffed frog. The photo turned out really cute.

Miss Karly was singing to the class
Interesting outfit choices

After photos, Antz and Liv went home and I headed to The Drybar to get my birthday blowout.

Birthday morning mimosa *I haven’t seen When Harry Met Sally since it came out*
I love my curls!
Wow! That’s me?

So home I went to pick up luggage and head over to the Arts District to Geronimo Balloons to pick up my amazing birthday balloon. I brought Jihan a balloon shaped chalkboard sign.

You know there’s about to be some fun behind this door

This lady is awesome! She is so sweet and she fawned over Liv. I got to help design my balloon to my preferences. It was hard to not pick every color but Jihan helped me create the perfect birthday balloon. I LOVE it! My inner 13 year old girl took over my body and we spazzed out hard. Jihan showered me with birthday favors/gifts and even some cool goodies she picked up from India. I couldn’t stop hugging her *and she is seriously gorgeous*

Me & the fabulous Jihan, Balloon Super Trooper!

Jihan is one of the happiest, fun people I’ve met. Her joy is infectious. I was really freaking out hanging out in her studio with her *I dorked out hard* I also met the lovely ladies of Primary Petals. Everywhere I looked there were pretty things.

Balloons to be
Wall to wall frills, I love her space

Making magic!
My photographer party dude

She wanted to take some photos of Liv modeling her new party hats and blowers.

Liv during her impromtu photo shoot
Liv was very interested in playing with this dinosaur from Primary Petals

She even helped Jihan blow up my giant balloon.

Jihan bestowing my custom made birthday balloon to me. YAY! It’s so pretty!
I like your balloon, Mommy!
I love this photo Jihan took of us!

After many more hugs and goodbyes, we left. I couldn’t help but notice how amazing the old brick buildings were in the neighborhood *I want Aimee to move over there so bad!!*

We had a photo shoot with my new rad balloon. 

please forgive my camel toe!

It’s actually taller than me!
So fucking lovely!!!

 We took some shots of Liv too, of course!

You wouldn’t believe the heart attack Antz and I had squeezing that giant balloon into my car. We were holding our breath every time we had to move it.

Then we dropped Liv off at her Grandmother’s house for a sleepover. Our next stop…The Standard Hotel!!

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