Happy Birthday Lizzie Part Two

The Standard Downtown has always been a fun place for us to have a drink. I actually spent my 33rd birthday at the Standard rooftop bar *whilst 5 months preggers* Yet this time, I was ready to drink like an adult *something I haven’t done since 2009* so we made a night of it.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up! Debauchery ensued, dead hookers, I’m sure there was a midget involved…that’s all I can remember. Here’s my photographic evidence *which will be held admissible*

Don’t mind me, just checking in with my giant balloon friend here!
Upgrade to a corner room suite… Happy Happy Birthday to me!!
No elevator guy? Pressing your own button is so passé
What a friendly suite we had
This might be the greatest sticker ever!!
I suppose it will do
I love a place that there was a tub big enough for two and a bottle of Mr. Bubbles!
I have no shame in my snack/liquor game

Antz tried to out jump the master

He only wins on a technicality, I scrunked my knee
I was asked many times by folks “Is that for me?” NO! ALL MINE!!!
Spin LA Club
I had no idea there were this many rules for playing ping pong.
No time for legal mumble jumble…let’s play!
It’s raining ping pong balls
My attempt at juggling
I’m not kidding, I really love my balloon. Smoochies!

We worked up an appetite so we ordered some room service. 

I had the yummiest grilled brie and bleu cheese sandwich and portebello mushroom fries with chipotle aioli sauce…sooo good! Antz had a manly bacon burger with swiss cheese and herb fries.

Time for some R&R

Later my BFF, Aimee arrived. She gave me another gift *she paid for me to get gel nails mani and a pedi* on Tuesday.

We got our nails done on seperate days and still ended up getting the same color polish. BFF Power to the max!

She also got me an Anthropologie gift card because she knows I love that place more than anything and she loves me. I can’t wait till tomorrow when I go to get my new watch! I was all set to hit the sack cause I was tired but Aimee and Antz were ready to head upstairs for some drinks at the bar. I got dolled up and up we went.

*Insert Beyonce song here*
I tried to convince them that my balloon wanted to go too but they *wisely* told me to leave it in the room in case it popped or got ruined.
Me & my rad Bestie

The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur. I do remember how wonderful the French 77 drinks were and it was our bartender’s birthday too. We cheers/danced the night a way and the DJ was really awesome. He played our song from Silence of Lambs and who doesn’t love that shit?! I am just happy I didn’t jump in the pool like I planned to do because I would have ruined my new shoes *and my blowout*.

I love these waterbed pods, I really could live in one
I am sure I was channeling my inner Hannah Horvath here
Running across the street to the Library Bar

That’s all I have, my camera was full…we chased Antz around the hotel and ordered room service again. It was a celebration bitches!!

Our Thursday was just as fun, find out what happens next in the riveting finale of Happy Birthday Lizzie!

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