Anthropologie Dishware Sale

Today, which happens to be Saint Patrick’s Day…

My new Hello sweater arrived just in time

…is also was the last day for Anthropologie’s 15% dishware sale. Since I received an additional 15% discount coupon for my birthday, we decided to take advantage of the 30% savings to get some lovely kitchen pieces.

Liv found the cutest friend and followed her around the store
Words were never truer
I want this watch BAD!
Liv kills me with her faces
Trying out the aprons, twinsies
I totally want this delicate and pretty glassware
That distressed floor is stellar!
whenever I go to Anthro, I just want to slide into bed and take a nap

I’m keeping my new dishes secret for now *in case they don’t work out* but I will share with you the steal of the century rug we found for $199!!

Isn’t she pretty?

I found it in the sale section without a tag. It took quite some time to find the sku number for it but I was totally expecting it to be at least $499, come on, it’s Anthropologie $$$! I had no plans to buy a rug today but a 6 x 6 wool rug with that perfect color palette for under $200…along my 15% discount?! Shoot, I bought that sucker so quickly! Too bad I couldn’t find any curtains for our bedroom but FOCUS LIZ! My new kitchen goodies are inspiring me to paint everything bright white. I couldn’t stop staring at the hardwood floor.

With some heavy duty sanding our floors could look like this

I pointed out to Antz that maybe just leaving the kitchen floors unstained after sanding them, we could leave them “distressed” which is pretty much how they look now, and we wouldn’t have to worry about the upkeep with a perfect darker finish. Anything that requires less maintenance on my part gets a thumbs up from me. #lazyforlife

Anywho…we stopped by Design Within Reach to check out their Tolix stools which happen to be on sale. They are really comfy and come in white but the Marais stools with the wood top from Industry West are $100 less and come in bright, fun colors. It’s a real shame this place is in Florida and shipping cost $70. These chairs are on the secondary list, after plumbing, cabinets, countertops, new sink/faucet, dishwasher, floors refinished and an electrician. I may not even get them this year, but one day.

I’m crossing my fingers we can start the kitchen work next week while Liv is on Spring Break. We are going to start sanding the upper cabinets. We still don’t know if we are going to keep the existing cabinet doors or leave them off. Here’s a close up the hinges so once we take them off, you can see why it will be difficult to put them back up.

The previous owners annoy the heck out of me! How could someone voluntarily chose such an ugly color? Then proceed to paint the cabinets in such a haphazard, sloppy way!!

This is what it would look like if we took the doors off.

Not terribly pretty

Our food stash would have to move to our pantry and I would display my new Anthro pretties in there. I am considering painting the inside of the cabinets blue like this.

Adding a color pop in the kitchen!
A Beautiful Mess

We have so much work to do, I’m half excited and half bummed that we can’t just hire someone to do it all. Any of you lovelies tackle a big home improvement project? I’ll take some photos with my toolbelt on.

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