Shreds so good!!!

These shreds are killing me! They are so good. I took all these bands way too seriously during my high school years, well I can’t say that honestly about The Beach Boys. Too bad I couldn’t find a Björk shreds video, but she’s obviously way too freaking awesome to ever suck!!


The Cure

Radiohead *for Antz, this shred is embarrassingly similar to the original*

The Beach Boys

Snoopy & Dr. Dre


Guns & Roses


The Who

Def Leppard

The Mars Volta *but you wouldn’t know the difference*

My fucking man, John Williams

Skrillex *the nerdy Marilyn Manson dupstep king*

Kings of Leon


The Killers

MM *My favorite one, I loved this dude like 14 years ago!!*

This is my autobiography of Marilyn Manson signed by Brian Warner himself at The Viper Room on Halloween. Yeah, I was sooo goth, doesn’t everyone go through a goth phase?!

Bet you would have never guessed I was a hesher in junior high school on the down low!!

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