Summer Bucket List 2013

Memorial day weekend kicks off summer season for me. Even though we didn’t do much
but nap, watch the telly *Behind the Candelabra was fantastic* we did have a rad time having a playdate with Kieran & Finn, celebrating Charlotte’s 3rd birthday and hanging out with Antz Mom and sister Clinnie. Antz even fired up his new grill!

I almost died from cuteness when she held baby brother Finn. I can’t believe he’s 5 months already!

It’s time to find a swingset for Liv so she doesn’t have to play on our tree stumps during playdates!
Holding hands at the comic book store Thank You
I hope they stay homies for life!
Liv went to Charlotte’s birthday party at Travel Town.
We picked up some new chairs and a new umbrella for the patio and Antz put together his new Stok grill.
Links & white corn
Our Summer Bucket List

  1. As always, Beach days!! We don’t go as much as I’d like but I have the worst luck because when we do, it’s usually so windy it’s too cold or the beaches we’ve been to are full of rocks. This year I’m heading north in search of the perfect beach *hidden away from the crowds*
  2. Last year we didn’t make it to a concert at the Hollywood bowl, so I’m super stoked to see Björk at the Bowl June 11th!!
  3. Attend Liv’s school Summer Masquerade Serenade *Antz made the poster*
  4. Grill this!!     
Rosemary and beef kebabs

    5.  Have a family BBQ *Besides our Moms and Antz sister, no one has seen the new kitchen*
    6.  Braid my hair *I usually braid my own hair when we travel so I
don’t have to pack my flatiron or deal with hours of blow drying and then
straightening my wig.
* It’s much easier to have braids over the summer, just wash and let them air dry, but it takes me about 3 days to finish them and very sore hands.

With Aimee in London
Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy
Lately my wig has been awful, I need to run to Drybar!!

        7. Go to Disneyland *for Liv’s 3rd Birthday* I can’t believe the last time we went was almost a year ago!

         8.  Have dinner at Knotts Berry Farm.  *I love their biscuits and Knott’s jam*
         9.  Attend Tom & Jess’s beach wedding

        10.  Attend the Renegade Craft Fair *one of my favorite summer events*
        11. Have a friends BBQ *and make a signature cocktail*
        12. Cook at least 5 recipes from my Pinterest board *and use my new crock pot*
        13. Take Olivia to see Monster’s University
        14. Stage an intervention for Amanduh Bynes *we’re all concerned*
        15. Buy this adorable sun hat for me, a Mexican dress for Olivia and Antz could use
new sunglasses too!

Kate Spade Hello Sunshine raffia sun hat

      16.  Go bike riding on the Strand

      Bonus: Swim/tan as often as possible!!

Any summer plans lovelies? Share them with me. I feel like we do the same thing every year. If I had the funds, I’d love to rent a beach house for a week or buy a backyard play set for Liv, similar to this one.
Monkey Mansion outdoor Playhouse
 Sheesh, Did you see that price tag??!!

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