Liv’s Pre-Birthday Lunch

Thursday we surprised Olivia during lunch time at her school for her birthday *which is Sunday, June 2nd* . We brought mini cupcakes for her class and sang Happy Birthday. It’s not the grand birthday party I planned at the beginning of the year, but she was pleased nonetheless.

Liv and her BFF Liam

Who wants a cupcake?

I think the Wreck it Ralph balloon I brought was the star, I hit the kids with and I said “I’m gonna wreck it!” in his voice. It was all fun and games until some older kids tried to hit the balloon and ended up knocking off the string it was tied to and it floated away. Lucky for us her school has shades that prevented the balloon from flying away and Antz saved the day just in time to catch it.

I love her school so much!

Then we headed over to Bon Vivant in Atwater Village for yummy lunch before Antz had to head back to work. Aimee joined us and delivered birthday gifts for Liv.

I don’t know how it’s possible but my BFF and I have serious ESP. Just the other day I posted about wanting to buy Liv a Mexican dress on our Summer Bucket List and without reading it, she gets her the exact dress! *it’s creepy how much we share a brain* She also bought her another lovely dress, the cutest purse ever and a knit shrug. Of course Godmommy Aimee had to get her shiny purple leggings, a striped leotard and a totally rad 80’s bathing suit. She hooked that kid up with a summer wardrobe! Merci Bestie.

We asked Olivia to model her new clothes for us at home. The problem is, when Liv gets excited, she is unable to sit still so these are the only photos I could get of her fashion show.

Aimee and I were dying over her little butt in these leggings!

That dress is super adorable! I really would love one for me but I am always trying to be twinsies with my kid *and that’s totally lame* and the price tag on the one I love is pretty steep. *for $220 I could drive to Mexico and buy 5 dresses!*

Today Antz and Liv are having a Daddy/Daughter date *I think they are going to the Discovery Science Center since Liv wants to see dinosaurs*. Tomorrow *which is her actual birthday* I’m making her a special breakfast and a birthday dessert. I’m gonna try this recipe from my Pinterest board and we’ll blow up her inflatable pool and hang at home. Monday Antz took the day off so we are surprising her with Disneyland since there’s fewer crowds during the week. I can’t wait for her to open her presents. I really had to hustle to find one particular toy she wanted that wasn’t readily available. It arrived yesterday just in time!

More photos to come! Happy June!! Happy Happy Third Birthday Olivia Lily!!

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