Misha Lulu Mishaland Art Show at Leanne Lin’s Wonderland

Saturday we stopped by Leanne Lin’s Wonderland to check out the Mishaland/Glitz & Pixie Stix art show.

This store is amazing! Perfect for gifts and all things adorable.
So I think I need every single one of these rad pieces!!
The lovely Liv, Ruby & Ava *wearing Misha Lulu dresses & Persimmon Jewelry*
Misha Lulu girls
Liv finally wore her Brobee backpack *from almost 2 years ago*
Hello Kitty macaroons *made by Sugar Queen*
I am obsessed with this look! This dress screams Moonrise Kingdom and that hat is amazing and handmade!!
I love these frames and prints so much!!
Cute dude!
The incredible art of Glitz & Pixie Stix

Why don’t I have any eyelashes in this photo?
Thanks for this pose kiddo!
I LOVE this necklace made by Gracie *Persimmon Jewelry*

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