Olivia the Supermodel Part Two

Last weekend Karen of the wonderful Misha Lulu children’s clothing line, released a few more photos from the Fall/Winter photo shoot. I didn’t get to see any of the photos she took during the shoot so I’m always surprised to see how they turned out.

Bella, Liv & True

Antz did a photo shoot in our backyard a few weeks ago while I wasn’t home. What a lovely surprise!

He told her, look sad. It’s weird how models always look miserable.

He did a fantastic job, I love how he put together her outfit and the sharpness of the photos. *well done babe!*

So again, I’m submitting Liv’s photos to modeling agencies *it’s all about being persistent* I know it will happen at the right time. Liv would make an amazing model but of course, I’m biased.

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