30 Day Photo Challenge – 15/30

Today is silhouette.

Psycho silhouette because I’m dark and creepy!

Today we went to dinner with our niece, nephew and their mom *Evelyn, Dion & Debra* Ev & D just got back a month ago from completing their Peace Corp stay in Paraguay and this Sunday they are leaving for their new jobs in upstate New York at a progressive boarding school. I’m so excited for them but I am sad to see them go since they are so fun to hang with and they make my face hurt from laughing so much. I’ll miss them dearly but I know we will visit cause I love New York and we can plan a trip to Montreal which is close to their school. The biggest problem is when we see them, I always want to take tons of photos of them but we end up having so much fun, I totally forget. Bon Voyage, once again!

As soon as they return, we are saying goodbye, love you E&D!

I hope you all can play along 30 Day Photo Challenge

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