Shop till I drop, literally!

I had my regular Thursday date with Aimee. We went to this kids store on Main Street that we have been passing by forever. Why is this the GREATEST STORE EVER!!??

The clothes are super cute and reasonably priced! They even had pillowcase dresses *I so need to get a sewing machine*

Liv made herself right at home
Godmommy bought Liv the cutest outfit *it was very hard to choose from so much adorable stuff* We are going back next week to get a crochet hat, some more tops and possibly that cupcake dress.
Liv’s See Kai Run shoes landed on my stairs this morning in the rain *thanks, Mr Mailman*. I tried them on her because I was sure the size I bought *9-12 months*  may be small, she’ll outgrow them before her birthday but they are huge on her tiny feet!
Well, she’ll have to wear them with socks I guess. My child has been blessed with petite feet, because her Mom has some long, narrow boats *I wear size 10* Her shoe size is weirdo, these are basically size 3, and the shoes are giantante but her Vans *also size 3* fit pretty snug without socks

Liv feasting on her Vans, this kid has a major shoe fetish!! So we went to Target, of course, after just getting the essentials *boring stuff like litter and TP* I spotted a smock dress that I got all excited about. I have been wanting a apron style dress with pockets for the longest *even asked my Mommy-in-law to sew me one but she said I would have to bring her a pattern* Now I definitely have to wear it with leggings *because noone wants to see my chunk* but cuteness!!
I am so happy I saw this one first because Aimee got the same dress with a patchwork pattern. I didn’t want that one because I would not like to look like I’m wearing a quilt.
So this weekend is going to be busy. I desperately need an electric blanket *mine mysteriously died* and I want to get some bathroom accessories from Bed, Bath & Beyond *that are now on clearance, sweet!* plus we get his sister’s discount 20% off.
Storage Cabinet $74.99 I will be switching out the knob with a pretty one from Anthropologie *this one, or this one*

Shower Curtain $29.99

Bathmat $14.99

Hand Towels $7.99

Bargainista right? I just hope they have them in stock the the B, B &B we’re going to tomorrow. Sunday is not only the Oscars *YAY* but it’s my Mommy & Me date at the Zimmer. They are celebrating Dr. Seuss’s 106th bday and I’m meeting Aura and all the lovely Mom’s I met at Elina’s birthday party.

After the playdate Antz and me are going to play paparazzi at the after parties, although Hollywood is usually on lockdown and it’s apparently supposed to snow in LA for the first time since 1987!! I am hoping it snows at my Mommy’s cause we’re going out there next weekend and I want pics of Liv in the snowy goodness.

This was my attempt to film her playing this morning but she is wise to me and she instantly becomes fascinated with the camera.

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