30 Day Photo Challenge – 29/30

Today is black and white.

my two loves

Tonight we went to one of our favorite farmers markets in South Pasadena. We shared a rainbow snowie which was heaven!! Perfect place to say goodbye to summer *even though it was 94° at 7pm*

South Pas is the last Mayberry, it’s such a charming town with lovely buildings and Craftsman homes.
I really want a clock in our new park in Highland Park
Worth the 20 minute wait!

Tomorrow is the last day of my challenge! I’m excited to show you a
recap of my 30 days. It really was a challenge to commit to doing it
everyday *which is harder than you think* and coming up with creative photos. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I hope the quality of my photos continue to improve.

I hope you all can play along 30 Day Photo Challenge

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