30 Day Photo Challenge – Recap

Here’s the entire series. I had a blast doing this challenge. I tried to push myself to learn how to use my different cameras in a more creative and professional manner. I played with props and locations. I didn’t cheat using any filters or changing the lighting. I used *a beautiful mess app* to add the lettering.

Most of the photos were taken by me, using my Nikon D3000 SLR camera. I also used my Nikon J1 and my iphone 5. I hope some of you were able to play along. Antz said next time he’s going to compete against me, and knowing his level of creativity, he’d beat me for sure. I couldn’t have done it without him, thanks for your creative direction and artistic eye!

self-portrait *yikes, I’ve come a long way in 30 days!* taken with iphone 5
what you wore today taken with iphone 5
clouds taken with iphone 5
something green *our bedroom wall* taken with Nikon J1
from a high angle taken with Nikon D3000
from a low angle taken with Nikon D3000
fruit *delicious pluots* taken with Nikon J1
a bad habit *potty mouth* taken with iphone 5
someone I love taken with iphone 5
a childhood memory *having tea parties in my room* taken with iphone 5
something blue *I took a picture of a my passport photo* taken with Nikon J1
sunset taken with Nikon D3000
yourself with 13 things taken with Nikon J1
*Lola’s* eyes taken with Nikon D3000
silhouette *homage to Hitchcock* taken with Nikon J1
long exposure taken with Nikon D3000
technology *art made by Antz* taken with Nikon J1
my shoes *or rather trying on shoes* taken with iphone 5
something orange taken with iphone 5
bokeh (FAIL!) taken with Nikon D3000
Face-less self portrait taken with Nikon J1
hands taken with iphone 5
sunflare taken with Nikon D3000
*stuffed* animal taken with iphone 5
something pink taken with iphone 5
close-up taken with iphone 5
from a distance taken with Nikon J1
flowers taken with iphone 5
black & white taken with iphone 5 using a beautiful mess app classic filter
self-portrait thirty days later

I learned how important the right lighting is, how to think outside of the box for
photo shoots and how to set up my camera for the desired effect *except using a bokeh lens, I sucked at that!* I totally have this on my Christmas list, so I’ll have a chance to try it again. I also learned that it takes time to get the best photo, I was too used to rushing and
not prepared to get the results I wanted, so I’m planning my photos in
advance from now on.  I also must take my Nikon D3000 in for service, that guy has been wonky ever since I dropped it *3 or 4 times, I’m a klutz* and the interior lens needs cleaning. I had the most fun working outdoors with that camera. In the right sunlight, it works like a dream.

My Nikon J1 is best for movement shooting. I can use it at night and it’s
the simplest to use. My iphone 5 camera has it’s benefits too. It’s
lightweight and works best for close ups. I liked not relying on filters
to improve my photos *with exception to the black and white* It forced me to work to get the best shot. During this 30 photo series, I took hundreds of photos. It was a fun exercise and made me fall in love with photography. I hope to continue learning and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

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