Wreck This Journal

Now that I’ve completed the photo challenge, I’m ready to start another fun project. I may start a new photo challenge during the holidays but in the meanwhile, I’ll be working on this guy.

Wreck This Journal
I colored the a’s blue, wheeee!

I’m super excited to play with this book! There’s no deadline or particular order to complete the book, so I’ll be periodically sharing journal entries. I loved doodling and writing in my journals as a teen, I still have a few journals from my early twenties which are hilarious to read cause I was always agonizing over something dumb. I would love Liv to one day start a journal. In the blogger/twitter world of today, handwriting in a book is becoming a lost art form. Her new school even works on ipads. One day when she’s older she can read mine and laugh at what a dork her Mommy was.

She has already started journalism in school.
The green face is Kieran and the red face is Liam
She loves to draw, totally takes after her dad!

Happy Labor day weekend!

Remember, the King is always watching you!

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