Happy Party

Yesterday we went to a party for my dear friend in celebration of her elopement last year. It was wonderful! We saw friends we haven’t seen in years. Isn’t funny how you can pick up a friendship right where it left off? I suppose that’s the true mark of a real friend. It felt like I just saw them yesterday and we all laughed like old times. I am so happy for Erin who looked radiant as all newlyweds do.

I love this keepsake. We all put our fingerprints on it and signed this beautiful tree.
Congrats to the Lovely couple!!
Erin’s Grandma Bev was the greatest Grandma that ever lived. I miss her so much!
I love these jerks more than anything!

Liv was smitten with Erin’s nephew Eli. They were too cute for words.

L’chaim to Erin & T. I wish you a happy, long life together.

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