Bringing Back Broadway

Once a year the Los Angeles Conservancy offers a tour of the historic theaters in Downtown LA. We took the Gold Line train along with Story & Chris to check it out.

We began our tour at the Bradbury building. I can’t get enough of that place. It’s so deceiving from the outside, just an average office building with a Subway sandwich shop in the main lobby. It was Chris and Story’s first time going inside so it was fun to show them all the cool features and give them trivia about the filming of Blade Runner.
We are pretty sure at some point this incredible glass ceiling could open like a greenhouse

The mail system connects all throughout the building
We really want to visit one of the offices one day
We made a quick stop for drinks before heading to our next theater

 The Million Dollar Theater

I have a theory that whenever my photos have these orbs, the place is very haunted.
Fleur de lis carpet


 The Los Angeles Theater was my favorite

As you can see, this theater is amazingly opulent.
The basement level felt like the Titanic
We had the most entertaining tour of the Ladies room by a nice fellow
There once were stools for the ladies to use the vanities to fix their hair and makeup. Each station had a comb, brush and soap they could take home with them!
Even back in the 1920s there were dryers to dry your hands
This was a creepy circus-themed room to leave children while the parents were being convivial

My name is Antz and I’ll be your bartender this evening
A peek into the kitchen felt like we were in the Overlook hotel in The Shining
Antz found an ancient Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game in there!
The mens room was art deco and lovely but smelled absolutely RANK!
Even fancy exit signs
The box office
Downtown has the most awesome graffiti
 We were going in the Palace when Story said she was hungry, you do not make a pregnant woman wait to eat!

I’ll see you next time, Palace

 We were going to eat at this diner but the menu didn’t look so appealing so we walked a few blocks to The Standard rooftop.

Story is due any minute, so this was their last weekend before being parents
I promise to visit you one day, LA Public library!

The Standard was too crowded and hot outside, so we went across the street to Sixth Street Tavern. This place was perfect! I loved the vintage decor, it was quiet and the food was fantastic.
I wanna buy a mini wine barrel for my Mom
I had my fave, grilled cheese
Antz had chicken & DONUTS!
Chris & Antz shared hot wings
 We walked over to Pershing Square and Liv made a friend

A lovely day with these soon-to-be parents. We can’t wait to meet their daughter, Veda!

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