Olivia’s Frozen Going Away Party

Yesterday was nuts in a totally fantastic way! Not only was it Olivia’s last day at school but I had tons of errands to run for our trip. I spent an hour at the bank ordering foreign currency and then I put on my party planner hat. I’m sure if you have a child under the age of six, you know Frozen is like kid crack. I may not be the biggest Frozen fan but I love my kid so of course I threw a Frozen themed Going Away party for her class. Let me say, blue colored cupcakes are scarce in LA but luckily I found a baker who would airbrush vanilla cupcakes to look Frozen-esque. I searched every party store for weeks looking for Frozen party supplies but no luck. Finally, I checked the pinata/99 cent store on the corner and all that was left was a paltry bag of favors and a mylar balloon. At first I was all ambitious to make a huge Pinterest worthy craft project but you know what? I have too much going on at the moment so, I found her an Elsa crown and called it a day. As they say, let it gooooo!

The kids got kaleidoscopes, tattoos, rings and stickers. The boys were more into Frozen stuff than the girls
Liv and her bestie Sara
Liv was delighted to wear her Princess Ana dress to school and I played Michael Jackson during her party

Liv hugged me and said “This is the best party ever Mommy, thank you so much!”

Those crazy eyes and happy face are all worth it! I am so grateful for our two years at her school. We feel like part of a happy family and I know we will stay in touch with everyone. We handed out some parting gifts for the staff.

We made a cartoon of Mrs Crissy and ironed it onto a tote bag, she loved it!

Mrs. Crissy gave Liv a scrapbook filled with photos of her teachers and classmates. I cried when I read what she wrote in Olivia’s Oh! The Places You’ll Go book.

She is such an incredible teacher. I really love her. She is so rad. I apologize for my inability to form sentences, I am writing this a midnight so I’m very tired but I have an exciting post coming soon. Goodnights!

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