No photos please! FIDM Film Exhibit & Bottega Louie

Pssh, I have yet to find a museum security guard that can contain my Mommerazzi skills. This morning at FIDM with Warren & Kim, I was a ninja with my cell phone camera snapping much of the amazing Costumes from the 20th century of film exhibit. It was hard to believe how tiny the actors are who wore the costumes. The details were breathtaking.

FIDM playground
Bravely wearing my Cambridge Satchel, I absolutely love it except it takes 15 minutes to open and close the buckles

from Water for Elephants
She was a hefty, little queen, I love it!

I wish I took more with all of us in them but the security guard was practically following us. So many of the photos I took with my phone came out blurry since I had to snap quickly. I was most impressed with a separate room showing gowns from various Royals. I was blown away by Queen Victoria‘s gown *she was the first person to make black chic* super short stature. I’m sure she was a part troll.

Doesn’t this dress look like a lampshade?

The dress in the above photo was Princess Louise of Hesse and I found this photo of her *in the center, working it* wearing the very same dress. It must have been awful dripping in diamonds everyday!

I had goosebumps seeing the gowns and fabric so rich in history and how opulent the clothing was over 100 years ago. I would totally rock an Elizabethan collar today.

We did a little jumping afterwards.

Warren wins at jumps, he get so high!

Then we had brunch at the lovely Bottega Louie *a place in Downtown LA we have driven past a bunch of times and said we have to try it one day* which was exceptionally yummy. Portobello mushroom fries, Liv invented Greek yogurt fries *ick* and Antz loved his meatball sliders. I finally tried beignets!! *I have been talking about them for a year now* the food was marvelous.

Okay, I think I love it here!
So Decadent!
I imagine Laduree in Paris is similar to this place, I can’t wait to see it
It was quite difficult choosing which lovely treat to bring home

Cheers to Brunch!

My Belgium waffles were superb
Portobello fries are the greatest thing in the world
Kim’s Lemon ricotta pancakes
Beignets are delightful
So pretty! It was like being on the set of Marie Antoinette *the awesome Sophia Coppola one*
I’ll take…that one please!
Millions of Macaroons

Antz bought a peanut butter terrine for dessert
Macaroons for Godmommy Aimee
How adorable is this guy? It was like touring the Chocolate factory, I was elated!
Antz and Olivia devoured their sweet treat when we got home.
Thanks for the fun times Warren & Kim!!

We made it home just in time to meet the glass repair guy and he is now fixing our cracked front door glass while we hang out in Liv’s nursery. I hope you lovelies are enjoying a wonderful weekend! Hopefully we finish our to-do list tomorrow. Salut!

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