There’s a Party in my City!!

Thursday is my hang out with Aimee day. She is so much fun. We went to our favorite place, Target in Pasadena.

Yesterday Carol gave us a card and a $25 gift card for Olivia *she is such a sweetie* so I was looking in the toy section  for potential Christmas gifts for Liv but as I suspected, nothing I liked….however this guy creeped us the fuck out!!

What demented kid would want that as a pet? So I was quite disappointed in their toy department but I am not a fan of mainstream toys for the most part. I plan to get her Christmas toys from Amazon, the Dinosaur Farm *a rad toy store in South Pasadena* and wherever Antz wants to shop. It’s hard not to buy her older girl toys because I was tempted to get her a baby doll with a stroller but the box says 9+ months and I have to keep in mind where will I store it until she’s walking. I mentioned to Aimee that lately I have been having a hard time pumping bottles so she told me I need to drink a special “Mother’s Tea” with fenugreek in it. Alright, I said disparagingly as I dragged my feet to Whole Foods. We found an organic, caffeine tea that I can disguise the taste with lots of milk and honey. I am not a super fan of shopping at Whole Foods *it’s seriously overpriced and I am grossed out by healthy/holistic food* but they did have some gorgeous fall flowers.

After that we were starved so we decided Mexican would be our lunch. We went to *after tons of begging and rationalizing on my part* to Acapulcos.

Aimee ordered the “gigante” fajitas and I got my usual, cheese enchiladas combo. I ordered some food for Antz and we made it home just as Antz got home. I was going to take Aimee to Fair Oaks Pharmacy in South Pasadena but she was too full from lunch for ice cream *we settled for Jamba Juice* Tomorrow I am going to see Aimee’s therapist with her. I am pretty stoked about it because I love therapy and Aimee says her chick is super cool. I miss seeing a therapist every week because it is such a cleansing feeling when you get out of a session. Not much else going on except yesterday my lovely turned 18 weeks old. I am loving the new outfit she wore although it was pretty big *6-12 months* 

I feel like the hummingbird is symbolic of Olivia, I know she will soon leave the nest and fly away from us and I won’t know what to do with myself 🙁
She still only has 16 votes *although a bunch of my friends have attempted to vote for her but the site won’t work for them* We added 2 more photos for the Baby Gap contest and I am hoping the casting directors are able to spot her amongst the thousands of applicants. She is wearing clothes from Baby Gap in all her entries so I think that would help. The invitations for Halloween parties are rolling in *2 for Saturday night* and we are taking Liv trick or treating on the BOOlevard *see what I did there?* in Atwater Village on Friday. I wanted to take her to the Venice Canals on Halloween too but we’ll see, we’re already super busy that weekend and I’m sure we’ll get trick or treaters on our street too. OH DUDE!!! I am super happy because of serious stalling on my part *waiting to see if my friend’s could get us free tix* I caved in and used my American Express Blue card premiere points to get the Yo Gabba Gabba Live tix. I’m not sure how great the seats are but they are in Orch section and we’re going to the 2pm show on Nov. 26th *Thanksgiving weekend, right?* So I’m super excited and hoping I can figure out a way to get Liv pictures with the cast!!
I’ll concoct one of my infamous “Lucy schemes”! I am super sleepy, Nighty Night!

2 thoughts on “There’s a Party in my City!!

  1. I voted for Liv! Hope she wins!! She's too adorable! Couldn't find her other pics, or I woulda voted for them too! Hope you have fun at Yo Gabba Gabba! And can't wait to see pics from Halloween!

  2. Thankies Leeann!! The Gap site has been pretty wonky all week. I can only access it at like 3am California time 🙁 We are super excited about Halloween. Post more pics of Lily!!

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