Orange County Fair

Carny rides, corn dogs, smelly livestock, oversized stuffed animals that would never fit in our house, we’ve been carnivalin’ it up this weekend! Antz had Summer Friday *he gets every other Friday off, lucky I know* so we planned to drive to a mall in Anahiem and then take the OC Fair Express bus for $2 each which gives us admission coupons to the fair for $3 *regular price is $12!* We loved not having to pay $10 for parking and waiting in the long lines. Easy Breezy, living easy! We arrived at 1pm and it was fairly *see what I did there?* empty. We bought a $20 ride pass for Liv and all the rides were only $2! She had a ball on all the rides that looked like they would break any second. She was really curious about the scary haunted houses but she used her better judgement and went with the Mermaid themed funhouse. We all ate deep fried everything *except the fried lobster, you gotta draw the line* We really had fun!! The fair ends tomorrow so check out the OC Fair site for info.

I love the vibrant colors
So empty, I love going to places when there is no crowds

Nice legs kid!
I tried my best to get a photo for Aimee. You can almost see Pazazu above the guy!!!

Umm, this cotton candy thinks she is LSP! There is only one LSP
I can only handle one fried oreo at a time *What a whimp right?*
Seriously, the BEST corn dogs ever!
This kid is pretty hardcore
Almost tall enough to ride alone!
So I made the sacrifice and rode the roller coasters

Children of the 80s, remember sea monkeys?!
Meat MAN!
I actually worked at Hot Dog on a Stick when I was a teenager!
Ever heard of coulrophobia? Sparkles haunts my dreams
She ate her weight in cotton candy

Fun Friday!

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