Nickelodeon Friends & Family Carnival

As if one carnival wasn’t enough, Saturday was round two of games, funnel cake, barber shop quartets, balloon hats, bouncy house, food, water gun fights and a crazy juggler. Nickelodeon really knows how to throw a party! Olivia was super excited to wear false eyelashes in rainbow, of course. I was calling her lil’ Phyllis Diller all day *as if anyone under my age would know who that is* I chose to don a mustache. This was the perfect summer party, totally has me inspired with ideas for Liv’s 5th birthday!

Water gun standoff

 Getting Moustachioed

I like a thin Salvador Dali ‘stache
FABulous Dahling!!
Glamorous! Of course she wants to wear them everyday.
Liv ran into her fellow Misha Lulu model, Lovely Ava *in the donut shirt*
Me and The Sugar Daddies
Spinning Plates *one of our favorite Radiohead songs*
Zoltar says I’ll be rich and famous…in 37 years!
Liv won $1!!
Can’t wait until the Nick Halloween party!

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