Day Two in Paris

Today was my birthday! I feel so grateful to spend it in such a magical place with my best friend. We are so happy. We spent the day exploring the city, eating, laughing so hard we cried and marveling over how we were in our favorite city together twelve years after our first trip. I have mastered navigating the Metro and I feel confident making my way around without any maps. Le Marais is my favorite part of town but I still found myself back in our old neighborhood in the 10th from our stay last June. I have been quite successful speaking French at restaurants and shops!


Of course I must visit the Bonton Photo Booth
This is my favorite kid’s clothing store in Paris


I had to buy a pair of these rad brogues for Olivia
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Most of the morning was pretty cloudy and cold but no rain

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The canals feel so different in the spring vs summer

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I had lunch along the canals with my bestie


Our matching camel coats and white Converse are total coincident!


I was worried I would freeze to death but the weather is quite nice. It’s mildly cold but with all the walking, it feels really  nice to get away from the LA heat.


I visited Aimee at her Make up school!


She’s having so much fun taking her make up course

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I needed to pick up some extra lights for our Le Case de Cousin Paul lights at home and the same woman who helped me last summer remembered me!
Looks like my digital photography course is paying off! I had so much fun with my camera today.

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The sun decided to come out just as I was at Sacre Coeur in Montmartre!


Last June the Republique monument was perfectly clean.
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Cette ville a une place spéciale dans mon coeur. Je’taime Paris!

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