Mon trente- huit Anniversaire

My birthday was pretty rad! Aside from spending the day with my best friend in the city I love, I also went to an art show I have been wanting to see and had an awesome birthday dinner. I am so full of gratitude to my husband for giving me this incredible gift. I drank until I was dizzy and laughed so hard I cried.


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Uncle Terry is a gross, little Midwestern perv but Aimee and I enjoy his photography. My favorite of his work is his shots of Marilyn Manson and his Daddy.

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His show is totally out of place in Paris but I love how vulgar his art is.

Aimee wanted to pick up a gift for a friend so we walked to Le BHV Marais.


As fate would have it, I spent my birthday at my favorite store


I love this nerd!


Our waiter at Cafe Charlot was the cutest!


I’ve always wanted to try creme brûlée!
I am such a lucky girl!

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