Paris Je’taime

Another magical day in the city I love.

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I had Aimee use her make up expertise to give me winged eyes
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There was a lovely French soundtrack following us everywhere we went
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We accidentally stumbled upon the Marché aux Oiseaux near Notre Dame.
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I must buy that pink balloon for Liv’s room!

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Hot wine anyone?


We made a friend while getting directions
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Shakespeare & Company Book store

Lunch was incredible at the tiniest Chinese restaurant (with mean waiters)

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Lunch was quite delicious!

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Cafe de Flore is one of the oldest most prestigious cafes in Paris


Les deux Magots is also a famous cafe with a West coast/East coast feud with Cafe de Flore!
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Aimee and I lit candles and said prayers for our families *cause we are good Catholic girls*


French bands seemed to follow us wherever we went

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Serge Gainsbourg’s house
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This was just the first part of our day, next part coming soon!

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