Nasa has really poor timing

 Around 5:30ish I hear a loud boom and my house shook. I immediately thought it was the begining of an earthquake but there was no shaking. Antz heard it too in his office in Glendale. My heart was practically in my throat and I was shaking uncontrollably. It also didn’t help that I have been watching 9/11 shows on the History channel all day. Alas, it was a space shuttle returning to Edwards air base. Not really the best day to schedule loud happenings, am I right? New York is very dear in my heart. In December 2000 I was proposed to on top of the Empire State Building. We have visited New York 5 times since and we even have this amazing picture from our trek across the Brooklyn Bridge in freezing weather.  Some of the photos are from our scrapbooks, my apologies for the lame scanner job.

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