Happy Kitchen Renovations, so far!

I know I haven’t been posting regularly lately but we have been busy bees. So much progress has taken place in the last week in our kitchen. We still have 3 more weeks of scheduled work.

I can’t give everything away now but here’s a few sneak peeks.

Rene and *sorry I forgot the other dude’s name* working hard so we don’t have to!
I’m so happy we chose to keep the uppers. It saved so much money and they look 1000 times better!
What a difference some paint makes.

I’m super excited about the new kitchen! The next few weeks will be busy. Our demo crew starts on Monday, then the plumbing. I am sure once the plumbing is repaired we will use less water since it takes forever now to wash dishes or do laundry since the pressure sucks so bad. I’m crossing my fingers our water bill goes down significantly.

Today Ikea is delivering our cabinets. All 800lbs! We cleared some space in the living room.

We cut this pile in half, by donating, selling and recycling a bunch of junk

But the new cabinets are gonna have to chill in the garage until the floors are done. I did save some money by finding a new company to install our cabinets but I promise to post a more detailed account of the remodel experience once everything is finished. So from here on out, I’ll share a few photos of progress but Antz is swearing me to secrecy until we can do a grand reveal. I am playing around with the Nikon *hello ISO levels* to make sure I get some amazing after photos.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, Liv went to her school’s first Parent’s Night Out last Friday. Once a month, they offer a night when we can drop her off in her pajamas at school for pizza, playing with her friends and a movie. It’s funny they chose Wreck It Ralph since that’s her favorite movie *at the moment*. See how awesome her school is? While she was at her slumber party, we went to a cocktail mixer hosted by the *rad* parent’s of one of the boys in Liv’s class. It was awesome since I haven’t had a chance to individually meet the parent’s from her class. I know most of the kids, but we really enjoyed being kid-free and meeting everyone. Cindy and Steve’s house was incredible. Now I’m thinking of sending her to Parent’s Night out every month.

Can you believe this month is almost over? I can’t. Time always flies when I’m in the midst of a project.

Happy Sunday!



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