It’s All About Me

Occupation: full time stay at home wife/soon-to-be Mum and part time Hairstylist/Make up Artist

my Mom in the 1960s

Heroes: Drew Barrymore, My Mommy, my dear friend Leslie, Barack Obama *sorry, I know it’s cliche*

Fantasy: being able to travel the world, never having to worry about money or bills again, selling this house and buying the house in Atwater Village, doing hair and makeup for A-list celebrities, and giving my kid the happiest childhood ever and she grows up to be an awesome person who makes us proud!


Music: björk, april march, tom waits, johanna newsom, ghostigital, belle & sebastian, radiohead, billie holiday, elliott smith, royksopp, francoise hardy, gossip, nick cave, peaches, pink martini, blonde redhead, lily allen, mos def, portishead, freezepop, jon brion, oingo boingo, die antwoord, lana del rey, beach house, oh land, bright eyes, kimya dawson, inxs, mia, nancy sinatra, mark motherbaugh, astrud gilberto, the bird & the bee, fiona apple and ennio morricone

The Shining

Films: the shining, rosemary’s baby, shaun of the dead, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, lolita (1962 & 1997) amelie, rushmore, the bad seed, inglourious basterds, the royal tenebaums, carrie, pulp fiction, 16 candles, life aquatic with steve zissou, donnie darko, away we go, the birds, kill bill (1 & 2), alice in wonderland & marie antoinette

Mad Men

Telly: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, SYTYCD, Mad Men, The Twilight Zone, The Soup, Louie, The Venture Brothers, Project Runway, 30 Rock, Adventure Time, the Amazing Race, Big Love, 360 with Anderson Cooper, the Office UK

Alcohol: Moscato wine, champagne, apple martini, malibu pineapple, strawberry margaritas pretty much anything fruity

The Saguaro Hotel Palm Springs

My Idea of a Good Time: nice restaurants, staying at a 5-star hotel, open houses, long drives with my ipod, hanging with my friends, concerts, swimming in the ocean, laying in my hammock on a sunny day, finishing a great book, the completion of a DIY project & laughing until I cry with my husband

She wins at freckles

Into: interior design, 1920’s Bungalow houses, home renovation blogs, hello kitty, baby clothing, scarves, stationary, crochet, vintage posters, David Sedaris novels, Stanley Kubrick, freckles, farmer’s markets, Europe, etsy, pugs, my husband’s art, scruffy beards, Anthropologie, dlisted, Disneyland, NARS makeup, ballet, bookstores, Pippi Longstocking *Inger Nilssen*, photography, wishlists, pom juice, attention, anything French

Not Into: republicans, Indian food, mainstream music, celebrities who are famous for nothing, bad parenting, Fox news, rollercoasters, short haircuts on guys, incense, drugs, beer, Lady Caca, douchebags, gas guzzling cars, cold weather & major league sports, muffintops, being cold, over powering awful cologne, my neighbors across the street, Walmart, stupid commercials *free credit*

Sprinkles Cupcakes Bakery, Store Interior

Makes Me Happy: my husband making me laugh, my Mommy’s hugs, mon amis, björk, my dog snoring, Liz Lemon, when my bangs are perfect, when my cat snuggles with me, this tumblr, my itunes playlist, being unique, pretty fonts, playing volleyball, comments from you lovelies, camel toe, enormous balloons, Jon Stewart, Sprinkles cupcakes, shopping, Disneyland, this bebe growing in my belly!

Makes Me Sad: the many repairs needed to my house that I can’t afford, animal cruelty, heels that hurt my toesies, I haven’t traveled internationally since 2003, my obnoxious neighbors, illness, when I don’t win a contest, not getting my way, bad hair color and global warming

5 Things I Can’t Live Without: aquafina, my husband/daughter, my iphone, music and my Mum

Vices: Hersheys cookies & cream bars, my credit card/online shopping, facebook, valet parking, etsy, heated seats in my car, magazines, dvr, my makeup

I Spend Most of my Free Time: reading blogs, looking at bebe stuff online, starting crochet and never finishing it, hanging out with my hubby, playing Animal Crossing for Wii, talking to my Mom *either on the phone or aim*, eating pomergrantes, planning vacations & wishing I could speak French

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