Today’s the Big Day!

Do you like the new look? Antz designed my new header for me! 🙂

Today was our highly anticipated 2nd ultrasound. We saw the heartbeat!!! The little bebe had a strong flicker and growing beautifully.








There was some hemotoma so I was put on bed rest this week. 🙁

I am now tucked in by Antz, warm and comfy in bed watching old episodes of Bringing Home Baby. I am so relieved to know the heart is strong and our bebe is healthy. I have been having trouble sleeping but I’m sure it is anxiety. I had an amazing weekend. We went to Vinny & Natalie’s wedding and had a blast. I ate shrimp and garlic potatoes and they ran out of wedding cake so they brought our table strawberry cheesecake. Nat & Vinny were so cute, I totally cried during their vows. Story looked so cute *hair by Liz*.



The Gang



It was a really fun night. On Sunday I met up with my old friends from Starbucks at Kabuki (no sushi for me, of course). I hadn’t seen Tarah and Trisha for years. Tarah is in the process of converting to Judism before her wedding which I think is awesome. Trisha is going to nursing school so she is super happy.
*from left to right* Tarah, Erin, Trisha, Me & Aimee
Me & my bestie!
They were super excited about our pregnancy. I can’t wait till we send out the shower invites, it’s gonna be super fantastic.

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