Brrr and Grrr

Be careful what you ask for. I was actually complaining last week about the Indian Summer heat Los Angeles had. Now it seems fall has taken over and we are starting to fight over the comforter at night. Even my cat, Lola is nestling herself under the blankets at night. So, chilliness has started and we need to find a way to keep the house warm and insulated, the windows are very drafty. I dispise cold weather!


As for the grrr, I am completely frustrated because almost all of our friends with houses has remodeled and done beautiful improvements to their homes, we have been here for 3 long years and haven’t so much as changed a light bulb since we moved in. I know it’s because we spent our life savings (and a loan from Antz 401k) on IVF treatments, surgeries and meds. It’s just really unfair that what’s free to everyone else cost us over $20,000. That money could have easily paid for a kitchen remodel and replacing our 86 year old galvanized pipes to copper. We also had the misfortune of having our main pipe burst and it cost $2500 to repair which doesn’t even improve our pathetic water pressure. I would love to start small weekend projects, like painting, installing tile floor in the bathroom or even peeling the horrid popcorn ceiling in Antz office (soon-to-be nursery). However our house has a bad foundation. The weight of our goregous but not-working fireplace/chimney is pulling our house to the right. Even the front stairs are starting to crack and shift like a pop-up book. Antz is constantly reminding me that any improvements we make may be in vain because of the moving foundation. I do see his point, we can’t replace our pipes when the plumbers can’t even access the kitchen pipes due to the uneven crawl space under the house. We received $15,000 for repairs in closing costs when we bought the place but I really can not see how we spent that entire amount on furniture and appliances. The estimates to repair the foundation and rebuild a new chimney are close to $40,000. I really don’t think this house (or neighborhood) is worth the investment. We desperately need a new stove and hood.


The kitchen floor needs refinishing. I would love to paint the cabinets however there are coats of years of grease and terrible previous paint jobs. I also don’t know if the hinges would survive been taken off which means we would most likely have to buy new doors.

Our garage roof leaks and the windows need caulking to stop leaks. I have no idea how to design the nursery/office. The space is so small as it is and I don’t have any inspiration for that room until we get rid of the popcorn ceiling and fix the electrical in the closet. Antz thinks there is popcorn in his office and the living room to hid cracks from the house shifting. He doesn’t want to get rid of it and have to deal with cracks or having to replace the entire ceiling. Grrr! I have 9 months to get this house bebe-ready. I played around with photoshop to get an idea of what to do with the nursery but now I am second guessing my choices. Here’s the current office and this is the nursery furniture.


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We already own the ihome speakers. We are keeping the desk and Antz toys.

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