So Many Things, so Little Time *and money*!

I have a long list of things to do this year. Number one besides having a healthy bebe, is put together the nursery and fix some things around the house. Second is planning our coed bebe shower. Last night my darling hubby put together the rough draft of our invites. I am so happy my husband is an artist because it would be very costly to hire someone to do them.

These are the front and back views. I cannot wait to have them printed. Next is making the wishes for bebe cards, the bebe quiz and the match the bebe to the celebrity.

Here is the font we are using to address the invites, we are using black envelopes and white ink.

Rather than the traditional bebe advice *which I wouldn’t follow anyways* we are getting wishes for the bebe. We decided to have the food catered from P.F. Chang’s because it’s close by and works with our budget. I put together a yummy menu and I am buying these take out containers for the guests to take leftovers home.

Here are some other party favors and supplies

This will be the centerpiece for the games and music table

Paper Parasols for the guests to stay out of the sun

Normally I despise paper plates and napkins however, I am renting a photo booth for the shower and to offset that expensive I have to cut down on costs where I can. Besides, these are very chic and what would we do with 46 plates after the shower is over?

These poms are going to hang from the lemon tree. I love the contrast in colors and they come in different sizes and shapes.

A must have for the shower, Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert

I found this guy at Ikea to cover the dessert table *shoo flies*. We may try to paint the banners to match our color pallette but I’ll leave that to Antz.

This is an idea I am super stokked about. Originally I wanted to buy chocolate mustaches but they are quite pricey and they have to be kept in cold temperature. So here’s the less expensive and less messy alternative. We are going to make these and use them as placecards for the guests to use in the photo booth. It may not be French Circus but it is turn of the century-ish and I love it.

I am 99% planned for everything, the biggest obstacle we have now is finding black Chiavari chairs and I’m worried about setting up the chairs in the grass. I don’t want the tables to wobble. Hopefully everyone will wear flats. Our guest list is maxxed at 46 with 4 people on the secondary list, sheesh!

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