How to raise a prodigy

I didn’t accomplish many feats at an early age *I wet the bed past 10 years old* but I am obssessed with bringing out the Einstein in our bebe. I get sucked in watching the “Your child can read” infomercial. There was a kid featured on Conan O’ Brien that was 2 years old that could name all the presidents. Now I have a new goal…

How amazing is Lilly? I love geography, so many of my friends and family have no idea where anything is in the world. I plan to instill geography, math, classic literature, an amazing variety of music and history. I found this gorgeous map for the nursery. I have always been fascinated with globes and maps.





























I am keeping my fingers crossed that our child will develop wanderlust at an early age. I had my first passport at age 3 and I traveled all over the US before I was ten. My dear husband however, didn’t take an airplane until he was 21 when we flew to Italy.

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