New Year’s is off to an awesome start

Nothing phenomenal has happened so far but yesterday we went bebe furniture browsing. The plan was to test out the Pottery Barn Kids glider. We were really happy with it, the price was right, $850 plus shipping, we loved the washable slipcover and it felt comfy. Then we moosied on down to Giggle. I have been such a good girl, for the past 6 months I have been dying to go in Giggle to look but Antz said no window shopping until 2010. So when we finally got to Giggle I was a kid in a candy store. I had the golden ticket! I saw every single thing on my bebe registry plus the crib and dresser/changing table. As we were checking out the Oeuf crib and dresser there was a chocolate glider set up besides it. I had to sit and give it a test drive knowing in the back of my mind this glider must cost over $2000. I persuaded Antz to give it a try, he was also worried about the price tag. We asked the saleswoman if the glider had washable slipcovers. Sadly she said no, and it has to be professionally cleaned. It has micosuede that is stain and water resistant and it comes in a rich chocolate brown. Something sparked when I sat in that glider, I had to have it despite the price and knowing how clumsy I am and I have a grey and white cat that will over take the chair with every hair she can. So, I tried to walk away and checked out this rad activity mat

As happy as I am about the mat, I kept eyeing the glider! Arrrggh! So I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I peeked at the price tag just to verify that I couldn’t afford it and to my surprise it cost $945!!! WHAAA?
I mean if it were over $1,500 I would have expected it but it was under a grand. I immediately hated the Pottery Barn kids glider. Antz still wasn’t sold because he wanted a washable slipcover. It was, and still is a no-brainer to me, here’s the comparision *of lack of*

Eco Glider

*pros* washable slipcovers, feels comfortable, reasonable priced
*cons* looks Grandmotherly, expensive shipping $250

Luca Glider

*pros* modern design, soft microsuede, tall back, feels plush and comfy
*cons* umm are there any? ok I admit the shipping is $164 and not washable 🙁

So, I have fallen in love with the Luca and that’s that! I think it will fit seamlessly into the nursery and go well with the color scheme. Speaking of color, we stopped by Jill’s Paint in Atwater Village and picked up paint swatches. I was thinking of a Tiffany box blue or an aqua blue but Antz *the artist who knows best* said with the brown walls and the white/birch furniture we should use a neutral beige color. I wasn’t so sure but when Antz showed me the brown against the beige I agreed. There is no lack of color in the nursery, we found modern burnt orange curtains that will bring out the orange in the crib bedding and the poster. I also love the green and blue from the Candela nightlights Story & Chris just gave us as well as the green from the frog humidifier. Oh well, my description is not as good as the real thing, so here’s the updated mood board.

Now I am concerned the rug feels too busy but I still haven’t found a rug I love. I cannot wait to see the room finished. I am like Lucy Richardo when she thought Ricky bought her a fur coat. Step one is removing that awful popcorn from the ceiling and selling the couch and tv stand. I am thinking we might fetch $110 for them but Antz is a bit more optimistic, whatever we get, that money is going directly into Parks savings. The nursery budget is $8,000! I can’t believe it but that also includes the stroller, car seat, books, and toiletries. I keep trying to cut it down but it’s impossible, I have stripped it down to the bare necessities. Well, at least I am contributing my Fisher Price Toy Ball that I had as a bebe so that’s a freebie 🙂 Bebe’s first heirloom.

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