Down to single digits….WHAAAA??!!

OMG!! 9 days until my due date! Holy shit in a basket, I am so nervous, terrified, excited and anxious. That’s alot of emotions. I am nervous about Olivia’s and my health during the labor. I have too many what-if scenarios floating in my mind. I am terrified of the pain, the aftermath and the responsibility of taking care of this incredible bebe. I am excited to meet her and shower her with love and affection. I am anxious to hold her, smell her, and bring her home. Yesterday we got alot done but we didn’t go visit Antz Mom. We finally put the car seat in my car, and the extra base in Antz car but we still need to take them to a firehouse and ask them if we installed them correctly. Antz printed the shower photos and we finished the scrapbook. Sorry these pics look so crummy

I am picking up my Mom to go to Gilli’s today. Then we’ll have lunch. Tonight we are having dinner for our friend Roxie who is in town from Hong Kong. I need to go to Giggle to buy the breast pump, bottles and burp cloths. I repacked my bag and it’s completely full. Antz hasn’t really packed yet but it’s fine because all the stuff he would pack is stuff he uses on a daily basis. I am worried we have waay too much stuff but I’d rather have more than less. I should get dressed, I tend to procrastinate on Monday mornings and then I run late all day. I am super tempted to go back to Urban today and buy the Nikes for Antz and get this fedora I tried on. I know I have been spending too much money but I feel like this is our last shopping spree opportunity before Liv is here, lame I know!

Gloomy Monday

It’s ridiculous how hot and sunny it was this past weekend and today it’s gray and on the verge of rain. Last night my friend Carlos finally uploaded our shower pics. I really feel sick that I didn’t take more pre-shower photos of the house and backyard. Antz and I didn’t take one instant camera pic together, LAME!

Today I have alot to get done. Top of my list is getting started on the Thank you cards. I gave one to Gilli today. I went to Target and I exchanged the clear protector for my iphone. Just as I was in the shower to get ready for Gilli, Pico Party Rents came to pick up the tables and chairs. Best Buy came this morning to replace a part on the refridgerator. I sent an email with pics to Bill at PF Changs and I posted pics on Sprinkles facebook. I called Giggle to find out who bought us the Eurobath and it still remains a mystery. I tried to make an appt with the new pediatrician we found, Holly Wang, but she isn’t available until my due date, June 2nd. Hopefully, I won’t go into labor before then but if I do she’ll meet us at the hospital. I hope she’s awesome because I have no more time to interview docs and she is literally one block from the hospital. Tomorrow I’m ordering the Bugaboo Bee from Amazon. I really hope we can find a place for everything, maybe I can keep it in the trunk of my car. Wednesday Aimee is coming over and we are going to see Babies at the Pasadena Arclight. Last night I didn’t sleep so well, my ligament pain has returned and now it’s spreading across the top of my pelvis 🙁

Cirque du Bebe was Fantastic!!

I am super exhausted so this will be quick as possible. We are just getting into bed and I am so FREAKING happy of how amazing our shower was.

The food went so fast I barely could get a picture.

Me and the BFF *Liv’s Godmommy*
Olivia’s Godparents *Leslie & Stephen*

I am dying over all the lovely gifts!!!
Jeff Victor was an amazing caricaturist!!
Here I am explaining to how to use the Fuji instant camera however, I failed to mention *blame the instructions being in Japanese* that there was an outdoor setting so most of the photos turned out too bright, boo!
Match the celebrity game, only 3 people knew all the celebs
Tarah was the big winner
The onesie came out fabulous!
The Sprinkles cupcakes went like lightening

So the not-so-FABulous feathers, they’ve been nothing but heartache for me. I spent so much money on these showstoppers and just as guests began to arrive what happens? The wind knocks two of the five over and the vase shatters all over my lovely tables. Antz cut his finger cleaning up the mess. We had to lay them down. I didn’t get any shots with the up, BOO!

Yesterday’s photos of the lovely Feather centerpieces, I should’ve glued them to a plate like Hostess with the Mostess advised!

Also, I disctinctly remember posing for this photo yet when I looked through all the polaroids, it’s missing. Whoever swiped it, please send me a copy!!
Due to the hot sun, we ran out of drinks faster than I anticipated. Lesson learned always over purchase water!! I had 3 cases of 24 bottles and they were gone before we served lunch.
Me & my Gilli *acupuncturist/doula* Love Her!!!

We were forced to move the party indoors cause everyone including me was melting so we played the drink the baby bottle game and opening the pressies

Our loot!!
Every single person showed up, the weather was beautiful but extremely sunny and the *horrible* neighbors were nice and quiet!! I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I have been crying with gratitude from my friends and family’s kindness. The party went so well that people stayed and hung out inside our house well past the end of the shower. We have a lot of food leftover but only 3 cupcakes left. All the guests took pics with our Fuji instant camera and I need to put them in Liv’s scrapbook.
The candids

We still haven’t opened all the gifts but I am super excited about 2 in particular our daughter’s Godmother Leslie, gave us a rad Björk doll from Etsy!!!

I was screaming when I opened it!! My other friend, Kim made special *Björk swan dress wrapping paper* for our gifts. How fucking rad is that?! My friends are amazing.

I LOVE my friends and family so much. Everyone wrote wishes for Olivia and I was full-on crying when we read them tonight. Some were sooo sweet and some were seriously funny.

Jeff, our caracaturist was a HUGE hit, he made everyone look hilarious, I LOVE ours.

Kim & Warren, I LOVE IT
I am so majorly happy happy how nice everything was. Everyone loved our nursery and kept telling us how lucky our daughter will be. I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear. The one thing that sucks is I didn’t take as many pics with our camera as I should have because I was so busy mingling and running the games. I am super stoked about the photos my friend Carlos took. Hope he sends them to me soon! I am seriously dead-tired so I need to hit the pillow but I can’t believe Cirque du Bebe is over.

Cirque de Bebe Dress Rehearsal

Awww, I am so sad I just dropped my baby *Maxwell* off at Story & Chris’s house. Since we had the tables all set up we did a mock up of one of the tables fully decorated. I was worried about how the canopies fit and they just make it. The dessert/drink table seems crowded and we still don’t know where we are setting up Jeff Victor’s table.

I am normally not a fan of animal print but the zebra is a nice contrast to the blue and yellow.
At least I won’t have to worry about flies devouring my food

My lovely cleaned the house while I was gone and now I need to put the apple juice in the baby bottles, put the pencils through the Baby Wishes and finish changing the bedding. I am hoping I can get to bed before midnight, so I’ve got a solid 2 hours to get busy. I am beyond exhausted and I’m sure Olivia is not happy that I have been so active this week 🙁

Not sure I’ll make it through the day

Cirque du Bebe planning…I don’t know how Antz can do it because he was up bright and early at 6am and off to Lowes before I even knew it. I guess I’m glad we did go so early because by the time he got back it was 7:30 and he went to the flowermart. The assortment was incredible but the prices were exhorbinant! I couldn’t find any peonies that were open and the ones I did were over $30 for the tiniest bouquet.

I look puffy and tired

We were there for 30 minutes and I couldn’t find any decent looking peonies except those white ones. I am knackered! Antz is putting the sod down and planting some flowers. I called about the rentals and they should be coming between 11am – 1pm. Once we get them we are going to Sprinkles and Starbucks.

Delivery has arrived, everything fit in our yard and the delivery guys put the cushions on the chairs for us. YAY! It’s all coming together.

The set up before linens

We put together the flower bouquets, I wish I had more hydrangeas to work with but they look nice.

The peonies are my favorite, I bought a glass bottle of milk for Liv’s nursery.

I had to buy some milk that come in the glass jar for the peonies in Olivia’s nursery. I hope I can get the smell of milk out of the jar. I can’t believe how fast this day is going but we are still on schedule. I hope we don’t get stuck in traffic on the way to Sprinkles.

Our Garage deck is Finished!

Insomnia was returned with a vengeance. I cannot get back to sleep. Poor Antz keeps getting waken up by my noise *trying to type quietly* and he is getting up a few hours to go to Lowes to buy sod, since it sells out by noon. I have to call Pico Party Rents at 9 am to confirm the delivery time. I feel like I did get a lot done yesterday but not enough. I still need to pin the celeb baby photos to the corkboard Antz brought home. I need to buy Starbucks giftcards for prizes. I MUST clean the bathroom living room, change our bedding, print a photo for the frame on Olivia’s dresser, put the Wii in the living room *for Justin in case he gets bored*.  My mind is racing with projects we need to finish. The best news is the garage is done!!!

I was able to park my car in the garage and Antz put some storage stuff in there. It looks fabulous and we are really happy with it however, they forgot to paint the eave of the front roof and wash the garage doors, so Antz has to do that tomorrow. Jose came late in the afternoon but he cut the grass and cleaned the yard up so we are happy to have that taken care of. We tied the forks, spoons, knives and chopsticks together, boy was that a tedious task, neither of us were really into it and it took forever. I put together the Lack side table to go next to the couch. Tomorrow once Antz gets back from Lowes we are going to downtown LA to buy flowers from the flower mart. I know I definitely want peonies but I have no idea how expensive they are. I need close to 5 bouquets, I want modern flowers not your typical roses. I need sunflowers for the living room. Antz sister Debra told us she bought the diaper dude from our Target registry, yay. I know me not getting any sleep now is going to affect me tomorrow so I need to force myself to shut down. I am way too anxious. *counting sheep*

Hello, David’s back

Today had it’s highs and its lows but now I’m back on top!

I made a vow to make today awesome and get things done on my list. I started off the morning glued to my laptop and didn’t realize I wasted most of the morning away. I had to rush off for my pedicure appt. As I left I picked up the mail and saw 4 letters from our mortgage company. I was sure it was our June statement so I opened it on the way to Gloss and I must have hit the roof of my car with fury!! There was a bill for June 1st for much more than our old payment!! I called Antz and had my usual panic/crybaby attack and he tried to calm me down. When I got to Gloss I called our mortgage company and spoke to someone about it. Well, I totally was PUNKED because she told me it was an error and the amount is the same as it should be and she even told me I won’t have to make a payment until July 1st *SWEET*. My emotions are on a short end, I also sort of panicked when I saw the crew hadn’t worked on the overhang shingles but my fears were put to a rest when I came home from my errands and saw them working on it. So it seems that all is right in Lizzie’s world and I will make it to the party without having a heart attack. I really enjoyed my pedicure.
*sorry big fat preggo feet*

I went to Vons to pick up ice and I got a new hanging plant for the kitchen. As I was leaving to go home, I remembered to stop at PF Changs to pick up the forks, spoons and chopsticks. I’m going to tie them together with curling ribbon tonight. Now I need to write out the menu and soon, Antz will be home 🙂
I give myself 3 out 5 stars but it’s done! Now all Antz has to do is attach it to the frame.

Here’s to making today 100% better than yesterday!

I am glad I got that miserable day done with! Today is going to be awesome. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. I knew this week would fly by. When Antz got home last night he gave Maxwell a much needed bath. Whoo-hoo! I somehow mustered the energy at 11pm to mop the bedroom floor *it’s already looking dusty this morning* and I didn’t line the linen cabinet with the new paper but I did re-fold the towels and straighten up a bit. Really, today is make it or break it. Happily our gardener came by this morning to let us know he’ll be back around 4pm to cut the grass, trim the hedges and prune the flowers/roses. Sweet! We have such a language barrier, I am so happy he understood what we wanted. I wish we had the sod for him to put down but it won’t be available at Lowes until tomorrow morning *which Antz says he’ll get up early to buy*. Today I need to continue cleaning, write out the menu, go to Vons, go to the bank, get my pedicure 🙂 and tonight when Antz gets home we will work on finishing the favors and games *put the pencils through the baby wishes* Antz is smoking me on finishing his list:

I was able to successfully submit our nursery photos to ohdeedoh today. I have butterflies in my tummy with excitement. LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

Hello panic mode!

Did I really let an entire day go by without cleaning this house? I mean, I did some laundry, dusted and swept our bedroom but I need to clean/line our linen closet with paper, put the pillowcases on my hospital pillows and mop these floors. I have so much time during the day but I only seem to want to do stuff when Antz gets home. He was supposed to wash Max but by the time he gets home it’s almost dark and he looks so tired, I hate for him to have to do it. Well, tomorrow is the deadline to get all that done and in the morning *well about 4 1/2 hours* we have our prenatal appt and we are meeting our pediatrician. He is looking for a used Bugaboo Bee but of course the only ones he can find are the old model. Someone is selling a blue 2009 one in good condition for $450 in Los Feliz but I want the 2010 model. I spaced out and forgot to order an additional chair at Pico Party Rents and I forgot to schedule my appt for my pedicure. I need to clean out my car tomorrow and have Antz put in the car seat. The good news is as slow as I am moving, the crew is working on getting the garage finished by Thursday.

It’s looking like our old roof/deck again. They have had to use 3 coats of paint because the wood is very absorbent. They finished stucco-ing our wall and the fire wall so they need to paint that the same blue as our house. Luckily we had some in the garage. They still have to come back next week to finish the job but at least the house will look presentable for the shower.

On a more productive note, we did manage *I say we but that was me handing Antz feathers as he did all the work* to finish the feather centerpieces!! We worked on them while watching Idol and they came out lovely. I am super excited about them but one thing bums me out, I am concerned they will block people’s faces at the tables. They seem the exact height as ours on our table but Antz is like whatever, they are done!

We have 5 total and 4 tables, so we need to figure out where the 5th will go. Antz scored a small frame that almost looks like the menu board. He ran out of pink spray paint so he used black. He printed out the scrapbook instructions and framed it. I really hope people get some good photos and don’t waste the film. I have 100 shots but I don’t want to use them all up for this party. Friday is going to be sooo nerve-racking. I really hope I get my ass in gear and clean this house tomorrow *actually today*. I am hoping Dr. Teng gives us an ultrasound and tells us how much Olivia weighs. I feel like I have been eating like a cow the past 2 weeks.

What a wonderful world!!

How is it that yesterday was supposed to be a free day for us and we both feel exhausted? I am going to be in the hospital by Friday at the rate I’m going. We cleaned the kitchen like it’s never been cleaned before, from top to bottom. I may have over-exerted myself because by the time I collasped into bed, I was in major pain in my back and ligaments. I feel worst for Antz because at least I get to recuperate in bed all day but he is up at 7am painting the window sills and the backdoor. Then he trudges off to work for 9 hours and comes home to work until 1am. He keeps telling me I can’t wait for the shower to be over but I can because as much as I want to have Olivia here, I am not looking forward to labor. Gilli is meeting with us next Friday to go over our birth plan and coach Antz as my stand-in doula. Today should be less to do. I finally got an email from Gail and she did rsvp *nice, 5 days before the shower* so that means I need to call Pico Party Rents and add another chair to our order. I also forgot to pick up the flatware and chopsticks yesterday at PF Changs so I’ll have to pick them up today. When Antz gets home he’s going to wash Max *yay* and we will assemble the feather centerpieces. Aimee may come over today, she wants me to go with her to Giggle to pick out my gift *which totally defeats our registry* but that’s fine, at least I’ll get something I’ve had my eye on for some time.

I’ve been peaking at my registry and boy is it disappointing. So far only 6 things have been purchased so far. I am going to have to buy everything else we need after the shower, BOO!