18 Weeks, wow, that’s 4 months now!

I am fast approaching my midway mark. My Mom has been in town this week and she took me on my first official maternity shopping trip. I thought we wouldn’t find anything that was my style, everything looked too matronly or had too much print *similiar to ugly curtains*. We did manage to find a decent tunic shirt and a dress that didn’t make me look 45. I still have yet to feel the nugget kick 🙁

My Vans seem to be my most comfortable shoes *besides my Uggs* at the moment. I really am lusting after these mocassins. I am postive my size will sell out any second now. I was hoping they would go on sale after Christmas but they are still $88. That used to be chump change to me but with the nursery shopping right around the corner I actually have to *dare I say it* budget!

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